World stages, local audiences : essays on performance, place, and politics


    • Dickinson, Peter


World stages, local audiences : essays on performance, place, and politics

Peter Dickinson

(Theatre : theory, practice, performance)

Manchester University Press, 2010

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Includes bibliographical references (p. [244]-256) and index



World Stages, local audiences argues that the forms of intimacy and identification that come from being part of the public of a local performance, provide a potential model for rethinking our roles as world citizens. Using his own experience of recent theatrical practice in Vancouver as a starting point, Dickinson maps the spaces of connection and contestation, the flows of sentiment and social responsibility, produced by different communities in response to global sports spectacles. He also analyses how such topics are taken up in the work of playwrights, conceptual, installation, and performance artists like Ai Weiwei, and Rebecca Belmore. In so doing, Dickinson makes an original contribution to the emerging discourse on live art and 'livability' by examining not only the geographical and historical affiliations between different sites of performance, but also the - at times - radical new social bonds created by audiences witness to those performances. -- .


List of figures Acknowledgements Introduction: Near and far 1 One world, two cities: Olympic showcases in Beijing and Vancouver 2 Love is a battlefield: the performance and politics of same-sex marriage in North America and beyond 3 Travels with Tony Kushner and David Beckham 4 Brothers' keepers, or, the performance of mourning: queer rituals of remembrance Coda 1 December 2007: changing direction/Lost Action References -- .

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