The snows of yesteryear : portraits for an autobiography


The snows of yesteryear : portraits for an autobiography

Gregor von Rezzori ; translated from the German by H.F. Broch de Rothermann

(Penguin modern classics, . Central European classics ; autobiography)

Penguin, 2010

  • : pbk


Blumen in Schnee

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"First published in Germany as Blumen in Schnee by C. Bertalsmann Verlag, GmbH, Munich, 1989"--T.p. verso

"Published in Penguin classics 2010"--T.p. verso



The Snows of Yesteryear (1989) is Gregor von Rezzori's haunting evocation of his childhood in Czernowitz, in present-day Ukraine. Growing up after the First World War, Rezzori portrays a twilit world suspended between the dying ways of an imperial past and the terrors of the twentieth century. He recalls his volatile, boar-hunting father, his earthy nursemaid, his fragile, aristocratic mother, his adored governess and the tragic death of his beloved sister, in a luminous story of war, unrest, eccentricity, folk tales, dark forests, night flights, and what it is like to lose your home.

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