Selected writings of Victoria Woodhull : suffrage, free love, and eugenics


Selected writings of Victoria Woodhull : suffrage, free love, and eugenics

Victoria C. Woodhull ; edited and with an introduction by Cari M. Carpenter

(Legacies of nineteenth-century American womenwriters / series editors, Sharon Harris, Cindy Weinstein)

University of Nebraska Press, c2010

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Selections. 2010

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Suffragist, lecturer, eugenicist, businesswoman, free lover, and the first woman to run for president of the United States, Victoria C. Woodhull (1838-1927) has been all but forgotten as a leading nineteenth-century feminist writer and radical. Selected Writings of Victoria Woodhull is the first multigenre, multisubject collection of her materials, giving contemporary audiences a glimpse into the radical views of this nineteenth-century woman who advocated free love between consensual adults and who was labeled "Mrs. Satan" by cartoonist Thomas Nast. Woodhull's texts reveal the multiple conflicting aspects of this influential woman, who has been portrayed in the past as either a disreputable figure or a brave pioneer. This collection of letters, speeches, essays, and articles elucidate some of the lesser-known movements and ideas of the nineteenth century. It also highlights, through Woodhull's correspondence with fellow suffragist Lucretia Mott, tensions within the suffragist movement and demonstrates the changing political atmosphere and role of women in business and politics in the late nineteenth century. With a comprehensive introduction contextualizing Woodhull's most important writing, this collection provides a clear lens through which to view late nineteenth-century suffragism, labor reform, reproductive rights, sexual politics, and spiritualism.


  • Acknowledgments List of Illustrations Note on the Text Introduction 1. The Woodhull Manifesto 2. Killing No Murder 3. A Page of American History: Constitution of the United States of the World 4. The Memorial of Victoria C. Woodhull 5. Constitutional Equality 6. The New Rebellion: The Great Secession Speech of Victoria C. Woodhull 7. My Dear Mrs. Bladen 8. Correspondence between the Victoria League and Victoria C. Woodhull: The First Candidate for the Next Presidency 9. My Dear Mrs. Mott 10. "And the Truth Shall Make You Free": A Speech on the Principles of Social Freedom 11. A Speech on the Impending Revolution 12. The Correspondence of the Equal Rights Party 13. Speech of Victoria C. Woodhull 14. The Beecher-Tilton Scandal Case 15. The Naked Truth
  • or, the Situation Reviewed! 16. Dear Lucretia Mott 17. Reformation or Revolution, Which? or, Behind the Political Scenes 18. The Spirit World: A Highly Interesting Communication from Mrs. Victoria C. Woodhull 19. The Elixir of Life
  • or, Why Do We Die? An Oration 20. The Scare-Crows of Sexual Slavery 21. Tried as by Fire
  • or, the True and the False, Socially 22. The Garden of Eden
  • or, Paradise Lost and Found 23. Stirpiculture
  • or, the Scientific Propagation of the Human Race 24. The Rapid Multiplication of the Unfit 25. I Am the Daughter of Time 26. Woman Suffrage in the United States Notes Bibliography Index

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