Multiscale modeling of particle interactions : applications in biology and nanotechnology


    • King, M. R. (Michael R.)
    • Gee, D. J. (David J.)


Multiscale modeling of particle interactions : applications in biology and nanotechnology

edited by M.R. King, D.J. Gee

Wiley, c2010

  • : hbk



Includes index



Computational biology and nanotechnology have become critical elements in particle interactions, especially in biological sciences, medicine, toxicology, and technology. Multiscale Modeling of Particle Interactions provides vital insight on particle interactions in areas of biological sciences, chemical engineering, medicine, and manufacturing technology. To better examine cell and tissue mechanics, theoretical aspects of multiscale modeling, and new developments in nanotechnology, the text includes real experimental data and images from novel optical microscopy systems. Chemists and biologists as well as clinicians and students will find this a helpful and important reference.


CONTRIBUTORS. 1 Introduction (Michael R. King and David J. Gee). PART I: APPLICATIONS IN NANOTECHNOLOGY. 2 Multiscale Modeling of Nanoscale Aggregation Phenomena: Applications in Semiconductor Materials Processing (Talid Sinno). 3 Multiscale Modeling of Rare Events in Self-Assembled Systems (Dmitry I. Kopelevich). 4 Continuum Description of Atomic Sheets (Constantine Pozrikidis). 5 Coulombic Dragging and Mechanical Propelling of Molecules in Nanofluidic Systems (Petr Kral and Boyang Wang). 6 Molecular Dynamics Modeling of Nanodroplets and Nanoparticles (D. Lussier, N.M.P. Kakalis, and Y. T. Ventikos). 7 Modeling the Interactions Between Compliant Microcapsules and Patterned Surfaces (Anna C. Balazs and Alexander Alexeev). PART II: APPLICATIONS IN BIOLOGY. 8 Coarse-Grained and Multiscale Simulations of Lipid Bilayers (Harry A. Stern). 9 Stochastic Approach to Biochemical Kinetics (Ian J. Laurenzi). 10 In Silico Modeling of Angiogenesis at Multiple Scales: From Nanoscale to Organ System (Amina A. Qutub, Feilim Mac Gabhann, Emmanouil D. Karagiannis, and Aleksander S. Popel). 11 Large-Scale Simulation of Blood Flow in Microvessels (Prosenjit Bagchi). 12 Molecular to Multicellular Deformation During Adhesion of Immune Cells Under Flow (David J. Gee and Michael R. King). INDEX.

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