Chinese religiosities : afflictions of modernity and state formation


    • International Conference on Religion, Modernity, and the State in China and Taiwan (2005 : University of California, Santa Barbara)


Chinese religiosities : afflictions of modernity and state formation

edited by Mayfair Mei-hui Yang

(Global, area, and international archive)

University of California Press, c2008

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"Most of the essays in this volume were first presented at the International Conference on Religion, Modernity, and the State in China and Taiwan, held at the University of California, Santa Barbara, October 28-20, 2005"--P. vii

Bibliography: p. 377-435

Includes index

Contents: pt. 1. Religious approaches to citizenship : the traffic between religious orders and the secular national order -- pt. 2. State discourse and the transformation of religious communities -- pt. 3. The reinvention and control of religious institutions -- pt. 4. Taiwan and transnational Chinese religiosity


  • Religion and citizenship in China and the diaspora / Prasenjit Duara
  • Redeploying Confucius : the imperial state dreams of the nation, 1902-1911 / Ya-pei Kuo
  • Ritual competition and the modernizing nation-state / Rebecca Nedostup
  • Heretical doctrines, reactionary secret societies, evil cults : labeling heterodoxy in twentieth-century China / David A. Palmer
  • Animal spirits, karmic retribution, Falungong, and the state / Benjamin Penny
  • Christianity and "adaptation to socialism" / Ryan Dunch
  • Islam and modernity in China : secularization or separatism? / Dru C. Gladney
  • Republican church engineering : the national religious associations in 1912 China / Vincent Goossaert
  • Secularization as religious restructuring : statist institutionalization of Chinese Buddhism and its paradoxes / Ji Zhe
  • State control of Tibetan Buddhist monasticism in the People's Republic of China / José Ignacio Cabezón
  • Religious renaissance and Taiwan's modern middle classes / Richard Madsen
  • Goddess across the Taiwan Strait : matrifocal ritual space, nation-state, and satellite television footprints / Mayfair Mei-hui Yang



The long twentieth century in China and Taiwan has seen both a dramatic process of state-driven secularization and modernization and a vigorous revival of contemporary religious life. "Chinese Religiosities" explores the often vexed relationship between the modern Chinese state and religious practice. The essays in this comprehensive, multidisciplinary collection cover a wide range of traditions, including Buddhism, Daoism, Islam, Confucianism, Protestantism, Falungong, popular religion, and redemptive societies. Contributors include: Jose Cabezon, Prasenjit Duara, Ryan Dunch, Dru C. Gladney, Vincent Goossaert, Ji Zhe, Ya-pei Kuo, Richard Madsen, Rebecca Nedostup, David Palmer, Benjamin Penny, and Mayfair Mei-hui Yang.

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