Business within limits : deep ecology and Buddhist economics



Business within limits : deep ecology and Buddhist economics

edited by Laszlo Zsolnai and Knut Johannessen Ims

(Frontiers of business ethics, v. 1)

Peter Lang, c2006

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Includes bibliographical references and index


  • Shallow success and deep failure / Knut Johannessen Ims & Laszlo Zsolnai
  • Tackling greed and achieving sustainable development / Richard Welford
  • Economics and culture / Stig Ingebrigtsen & Ove Jakobsen
  • Business ethics and the death of "homo oeconomicus" / John Gowdy
  • Reducing society's metabolism / Peter Daniels
  • Finance as if nature mattered / Nel Hofstra & Aloy Soppe
  • Respecting the commons / Zsolt Boda
  • The relational firm: a Buddhist and feminist analysis / Julie Nelson
  • "Take it personally" / Knut Johannessen Ims
  • Toward an ecology of spirit / Michael Bell
  • Ethical business / Laszlo Zsolnai



The book explores the Deep Ecology perspective and Buddhist Economics for transforming business toward a more ecological and human form. It argues that ecology and ethics provide limits for business within which business is legitimate and productive. By transgressing ecological and ethical limits business activities become destructive and self-defeating. Today's business model is based on and cultivates narrow self-centeredness. Both Deep Ecology and Buddhist Economics point out that emphasizing individuality and promoting the greatest fulfillment of the desires of the individual conjointly lead to destruction. Happiness is linked to wholeness, not to personal wealth. We need to find new ways of doing business, ways that respect the ecological and ethical limits of business activities. Acting within limits provides the hope and promise of contributing to the preservation and enrichment of the world.

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