The making of the classical theory of economic growth


The making of the classical theory of economic growth

Anthony Brewer

(Routledge studies in the history of economics, 112)

Routledge, 2010

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This book collects together for the first time Anthony Brewer's work on the origins and development of the theory of economic growth from its eighteenth-century beginnings to its dominance in economic thinking in the nineteenth century. The key to the origins of the theory is that writers before Turgot and Smith, though they laid the foundations for later work, had no concept of continuing growth. This book looks at many of the key players such as Smith, Hume, Ferguson, Steuart, Turgot, West and Rae and is tied together with a rigorous introduction and a new chapter on capital accumul


Part 1: The Invention of Economic Growth 1. Introduction 2. The Concept of Growth in Eighteenth Century Economics Part 2: The Scottish Tradition from Hume to Smith 3. An Eighteenth Century View of Economic Development: Hume and Steuart 4. Luxury and Economic Development: David Hume and Adam Smith 5. Adam Ferguson, Adam Smith, and the Concept of Economic Growth Part 3: Accumulation and Growth: Turgot and Smith 6. Turgot, Founder of Classical Economics 7. Turgot, Smith, and Capital Accumulation Part 4: Growth, Saving and Distribution 8. Adam Smith on Classes and Saving 9. Rent and Profit in the Wealth of Nations 10. Edward West and the Classical Theory of Distribution and Growth Part 5: Epilogue: John Rae and Technical Change 11. Economic Growth and Technical Change: John Rae's Critique of Adam Smith 12. Invention

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