Acupuncture in manual therapy


    • Longbottom, Jennie


Acupuncture in manual therapy

edited by Jennie Longbottom

Churchill Livingstone, c2010

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Acupuncture in Manual Therapy is a comprehensive overview of manual therapy interventions combined with acupuncture management of musculoskeletal disorders covering all major joints of the body. The book is intended to offer physiotherapists and students of acupuncture a clinical reasoning model, whilst supporting suggested interventions with the relevant evidence base in order to alleviate pain, restore function and facilitate rehabilitation within musculoskeletal management. It places an emphasis on the neurophysiological processes of pain management stressing the importance of using the correct intervention for the relevant presenting pain mechanism. Each chapter discusses suggested manual intervention, acupuncture evidence and physiological processes underpinning this combined approach to musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction including meridian acupuncture, auricular acupuncture, electroacupuncture, tens and trigger point acupuncture as a means of addressing the varying pain patterns presented within musculoskeletal rehabilitation. This book provides knowledge from distinctive and prominent contributors from the world of manual therapy and acupuncture whilst this expertise is further supported by the provision of student case studies to offer support and enhance learning.Twelve chapters addressing each major joint of the musculoskeletal systemOver 100 imagesA clinical reasoning model for manual therapy and acupuncture interventionRelevant case studies that support the student undertaking acupuncture training


Contributors Dedication Acknowledgements Preface 1 Clinical reasoning in western acupuncture Lynley Bradnam-Roberts Clinical reasoning in traditional Chinese medicine Jennie Longbottom Case study 1 Efterpi Rompoti Case study 2 Sarah Rouse 2 The temporomandibular joint Allison Middleditch Acupuncture in the management of temporomandibular joint disorders Jennie Longbottom Case study 1 Brigit Murray 3 Cervical spine Nick Tucker Acupuncture intervention in cervical spine dysfunction Jennie Longbottom Case study 1 Charlie Plummer Case study 2 Rose Sutcliffe 4 The shoulder Jennie Longbottom Case study 1 Dan Franklin Case study 2 Kevin Hunt 5 The Elbow Jo Gibson Acupuncture and elbow dysfunction Jennie Longbottom Case study 1 Lawrence Mayhew Case study 2 Katy Williams 6 The Thoracic spine Jennie Longbottom Acupuncture interventions with thoracic spine dysfunction Jennie Longbottom Case study 1 Kenny Cross Case study 2 Helen Sankey 7 Manual therapy in low back pain Claire Small Acupuncture in low back pain Jennie Longbottom Case study 1 Siobhan Byrne Case study 2 Hannah Edwards 8 The sacroiliac joint and pelvis Howard Turner Acupuncture within manual therapy Jennie Longbottom Case study 1 Cathie Morrow Case study 2 Daniel Christopher Martin 9 The hip Jennie Longbottom Case study 1 Anonymous Case study 2 Sharon Helsby Case study 3 James Thomson 10 Anterior Knee pain Lee Herrington Acupuncture in the management of knee pain Jennie Longbottom Case study 1 Andy Reynolds Case study 2 Melissa Johnson 11 Musculoskeletal Injuries in the foot and ankle Cherye Roche Acupuncture in lower limb dysfunction Jennie Longbottom Case study 1 Sarah Tribe Case study 2 Eghon Murray 12 Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulators for Pain Management Mark I Johnson Case study 1 Anonymous Case study 2 Matthew Walmsley

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