Orienting Istanbul : cultural capital of Europe?



Orienting Istanbul : cultural capital of Europe?

edited by Deniz Göktürk, Levent Soysal and İpek Türeli

(Planning, history and the environment series)

Routledge, 2010

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Looking at the globalization, urban regeneration, arts events and cultural spectacles, this book considers a city not until now included in the global city debate. Divided into five parts, each preceded by an editorial introduction, this book is an interdisciplinary study of an iconic city, a city facing conflicting social, political and cultural pressures in its search for a place in Europe and on the world stage in the twenty-first century.


Introduction Deniz Gokturk, Ipek Tureli and Levent Soysal Part 1: Paths to Globalization 1. Istanbul into the Twenty-First Century Caglar Keyder 2. The Soul of a City: Huzun, Keyif, Longing Engin Isin Part 2: Heritage and Regeneration Debates 3. Challenging the Neoliberal Urban Regime: Regeneration and Resistance in Basibuyuk and Tarlabasi Ozlem Unsal and Tuna Kuyucu 4. Contestations over a Living Heritage Site: The Case of Buyuk Valide Han Aysegul Baykan, Zerrin Iren Boynudelik, Belkis Uluoglu and Burak Sevingen 5. Practices of Neo-Ottomanism: Making Space and Place Virtuous in Istanbul Jeremy F. Walton 6. Modelling Citizenship in Turkey's Miniature Park Ipek Tureli Part 3: The Mediatized City 7. The Spectator in the Making: Modernity and Cinema in Istanbul 1896-1928 Nezih Erdogan 8. Istanbul through Migrants' Eyes Ipek Tureli 9. Istanbul Convertible: A Magic Carpet Ride through Genres Deniz Bayrakdar and Elif Akcali 10. Projecting Polyphony: Moving Images, Travelling Sounds Deniz Gokturk Part 4: Art in the City 11. Optimism Reconsidered: Curator Hou Hanru interviewed by Nilgun Bayraktar 12. Art in Istanbul: Contemporary Spectacles and History Revisited Jale Erzen 13. The Politics of Urban Arts Events: A Comparison of Istanbul and Berlin Banu Karaca Part 5: A European Capital? 14. The European Capital of Culture Programme and Istanbul 2010 Carola Hein 15. Istanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture: Towards a Participatory Culture? Oguz Oner 16. Counting as European: Jews and the Politics of Presence in Istanbul Marcy Brink-Danan 18. Future(s) of the City Levent Soysal Epilogue: Cultural Politics in the Kaleidoscope Michael Herzfeld

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