Peace and milk, drought and war : Somali culture, society and politics : essays in honour of I.M. Lewis



Peace and milk, drought and war : Somali culture, society and politics : essays in honour of I.M. Lewis

edited by Markus V. Hoehne and Virginia Luling

Hurst & Company, 2010

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Milk and peace, drought and war

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Includes bibliographical references and index



This volume offers a comprehensive overview of scholarship on Somalia and Somaliland, one that transcends the usual boundaries and presents readers with a timely, incisive and compelling introduction to Somali culture, history and politics. Topics covered include: history, including the impact of the two colonial powers (Britain and Italy); the Somali poetic heritage and its relation to politics; the variations within Somali culture between northern/pastoral and southern/agro-pastoral populations; the question of the significance of clanship, including its relation to livestock trading networks, and the Somali 'total genealogy' and its origin; the political future since the breakdown of the centralised state; and, the role of the Somali Diaspora. There are chapters on the 'spirit possession cults', and on the Somali language, names and kinship terms. An introduction describes I.M. Lewis' career and discusses the legacy of over fifty years of his scholarship, assessing its impact on Somali society's view of itself and that of the wider academic and policy communities.


  • Contents Introduction Lewis, the Somali and the outside world Markus V. Hoehne and Virginia Luling, with Abby Thomas II Colony Reflections 1943-63 John Drysdale Somali Diaspora Nationalism Jama Mohamed Jama De Vecchi's Second Conquest of SomaliaA" and the long-term legacies of Fascist colonial policies Gerard Prunier III Clan/Clan Politics Speculations on the historical origins of the 'total Somali genealogy' Lee V. Cassanelli Trade and lineage: entanglements and disentanglements in the Somali path within modernity Luca Ciabarri A Pastoral DemocracyA" in the Twenty-First century: A Gendered Reflection on Professor I. M. Lewis' Somalia Fowsia Abdulkadir& Rahma Abdulkadir Clans, Communities and State building in Somalia
  • the role of Diaspora Abdulkadir Osman Farah The concept of the Somali clan in historical perspective Lidwien Kapteijns Reflections on the Question of Ethnicity in Somali Studies, Policy, and Politics Ken Menkhaus Clan politics: a need for reconsideration Roland Marchal IV Islam Historiography of Islam in Somalia: Four tension points in the discourses of Professor Lewis Abdurahman M. Abdullahi (Baadiyow) Political Islam In Somali History Hussein M. Adam Genealogies of Somali Islamic Politics: The case of Nasrallah Cedric Barnes and Abdi M Abdullahi V Religion/Spirit Possession 'Where blood of human beings runs, jinn pour down like rain': Spirits, possession and healing in Somaliland revisited Marja Tiilikainen Creating Women's Spaces in a Man's World: an account of Saar Gaamuri Anita Adam VI Poetry Somalia: A Nation's Literary Death Tops Its Political Demise Said S.Samatar The Politics of Poetry on the Horn of Africa: A Case Study in the Dynamics of Macro-Level and Micro-Level Tradition John W. Johnson The Poetry and Life of Cabdullahi Suldan Maxamed 'Timo Cadde' (1920-1973): a critical engagement with the Somali worlds and beyond. Boobe Yusuf Duale VII Variety in Somali Culture Farmers from Arabia
  • the role of 'Gibil Cad' groups in the interior of southern Somalia Virginia Luling Language Marginalization, Ethnic Nationalism, and Cultural Crisis in Somalia Mohamed Haji Mukhtar VIII Language Old Somali names and their meanings/Magacyadii Soomaalidi hore iyo macnahooda Markus V. Hoehne, Muuse Cali Faruur, Axmed Cabdullahi Du'aale Kinship terms in Somali and Oromo Georgi Kapchits and Victor Porkhomovsky 'Virtual geminates in the metre of Somali poetry' Martin Orwin and Mahamed 'Gaarriye' The structure of coordination in Somali Annarita Puglielli IX Conclusion Reflections on the Somali state: what went wrong and why it might not matter Sally Healy The Social Anthropologist as Historian: Ioan Lewis as Chronicler of SomaliaA" Charles Geshekter

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