Legendary pioneers of Black radio


    • Williams, Gilbert Anthony


Legendary pioneers of Black radio

Gilbert A. Williams

Praeger, c1998

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Includes bibliographical references (p. [191]-193) and index



After World War II, when thousands of African Americans left farms, plantations, and a southern way of life to migrate north, African American disc jockeys helped them make the transition to the urban life by playing familiar music and giving them hints on how to function in northern cities. These disc jockeys became cultural heroes and had a major role in the development of American broadcasting. This collection of interviews documents the personalities of the pioneers of Black radio, as well as their personal struggles and successes. The interviewees also define their roles in the civil rights movement and relate how their efforts have had an impact on how African Americans are portrayed over the air.


Preface Introduction: On-Air Power--Legendary Pioneers of Black Radio William T. "Hoss" Allen Eddie Castleberry "Sir Johnny O." Compton Moses Lindberg "Lucky" Cordell Larry Dean Faulkner Jack Gibson "Joltin' Joe" Howard Maurice "Hot Rod" Hulbert, Jr. Al Jefferson Tom Joyner Eddie O'Jay Norman W. Spaulding Richard Stams Roy Wood, Sr. Conclusion Bibliography Index

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