States versus markets : the emergence of a global economy


States versus markets : the emergence of a global economy

Herman M. Schwartz

Palgrave Macmillan, 2010

3rd ed

  • : hardback
  • : pbk

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 323-338) and index



The third edition of this highly regarded textbook on international political economy shows how globalization is not a novel phenomenon but a recurrent process whereby markets have, since the 16th century, periodically redistributed economic activity. Taking into account the new rise of Asia and the global financial crisis originating in the US housing finance system, this revised and updated edition continues to explore the complex relationship between modern states and markets to show how the 21st century global economy has come to resemble that of the 19th century, in which markets typically drove economic outcomes and generated large scale financial crises. This is a thought-provoking text which will encourage both upper level undergraduate and postgraduate students to think analytically about the inevitability of a global market influencing state economies and to locate their own thinking within the IPE tradition.


Introduction.- PART I: STATES, AGRICULTURE, AND GLOBALIZATION.- The Rise of the Modern State: From Street Gangs to Mafias.- States, Markets, and the Origins of International Inequality.- Economic and Hegemonic Cycles.- The Industrial Revolution and Late Development.- Agricultural Exporters and the Search for Labor.- Agriculture-Led Growth and Crisis in the Periphery: Ricardian Success, Ricardian Failure.- The Collapse of the Nineteenth-Century Economy: The Erosion of Hegemony?.- PART II: THE REEMERGENCE OF GLOBALIZATION.- The Depression, U.S. Domestic Politics, and the Foundation of the Post-World War II System.- International Money, Capital Flows, and Domestic Politics.- Transnational Firms: A War of All against All.- Industrialization in the Old Agricultural Periphery: The Rise of the Newly Industrialized Countries.- Trade, Protection, and Renewed Globalization.- US Hegemony: Declining from Below?.- US Hegemony: Reviving or Declining from the Top Down.

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