Fundamentals of motor behavior


    • Fairbrother, Jeffrey T.


Fundamentals of motor behavior

Jeffrey T. Fairbrother

(Human Kinetics' fundamentals of sport and exercise science series)

Human Kinetics, c2010

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Motor behavior

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Includes bibliographical references (p.149-159) and index



A textbook for community college and undergraduate students in motor behavior, learning, control, or development survey courses. A reference for high school guidance counselors, university placement centers, and libraries.


Series Preface Preface Acknowledgments Part I. Welcome to Motor Behavior Chapter 1. What Is Motor Behavior? Research Practical Application Three Subdisciplines A Brief History of Motor Behavior Related Fields of Study The Short of It Chapter 2. What Can I Do With Motor Behavior? Academic Path Professional Paths A Side Path The Short of It Part II. Building Blocks of Motor Behavior Taking a Systematic Approach Accounting for the Person, the Task, and the Performance Setting Information Processing Chapter 3. Observing Behavior Closed and Open Skills Discrete, Serial, and Continuous Skills Observation: A Critical Key to Understanding Motor Behavior The Short of It Chapter 4. Understanding How We Control Movements Sources of Sensory Information Continuous Control No-Feedback Control Combining Continuous and No-Feedback Control The Short of It Chapter 5. Understanding How We Learn Motor Skills Theories of How We Learn Ways We Learn Motor Skills Transfer Feedback The Short of It Chapter 6. Capabilities and Limitations Information Processing Reacting Faster: Ways to Reduce the Time Spent on Information Processing How We Pay Attention What We Pay Attention to Makes a Difference Arousal and Performance Speed-Accuracy Trade-Offs Abilities and Skills The Short of It Chapter 7. Setting Practice Procedures Constant and Varied Practice Blocked and Random Practice Practice Distribution Deciding How to Design Practice The Short of It Chapter 8. Putting It All Together: The Motor Skill Learning Cycle Phase 1: Consider the Person, Task, and Performance Setting Phase 2: Plan for Practice Phase 3: Implement Practice Phase 4: Review the Overall Instructional Process The Short of It Epilogue: The Future of Motor Behavior Appendix A: Learn More About Motor Behavior Appendix B: Implementing Motor Behavior in the Real World References Bibliography Index About the Author

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