The English legal process


The English legal process

Terence Ingman

Oxford University Press, 2011

13th ed

  • : pbk

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Includes bibliographical references (p. [421]-424) and index



The English Legal Processs offers a clear and topical explanation of how the English legal system operates. The book explains the organization and procedures of courts and tribunals, the trial process and jury system, major forms of redress in private and public law, and discusses the way judges make and determine the law. Throughout, examples are drawn from a wide range of cases to help students to understand how the law is developed and applied in the 'real world'. Online Resource Centre * Updates * Web links


  • 1. Courts of normal jurisdiction
  • 2. Courts of special jurisdiction
  • 3. Tribunals
  • 4. Legislation and statutory interpretation
  • 5. Judicial precedent
  • 6. Trial by jury
  • 7. Appeals and the correction of miscarriages of justice
  • 8. Contempt of court
  • 9. Remedies in private law
  • 10. Remedies in public law

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