Studies on the formation of Christian Armenia


    • Garsoïan, Nina G.


Studies on the formation of Christian Armenia

Nina G. Garsoïan

(Variorum collected studies series, CS959)

Ashgate/Variorum, c2010

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Includes bibliographical references and index

Text in English and French



This is the third collection of articles by Nina GarsoA-an on Early Armenian history and civilization. A number of articles included here continue earlier investigations of Iranian and Byzantine political and, especially, doctrinal and social influences on Medieval Armenia, precariously wedged between the two super-powers of the period, Byzantium and Sasanian Persia. A second theme is the development of the autocephalous Armenian Church as it freed itself from foreign pressures and achieved its own dogmatic position. Last, several studies consider some inadequacies in some recent historiography and suggest a more promising redirection in our approach to Armenian history and the formation of its national identity.


  • Contents: Preface
  • Evolution et crise dans l'historiographie recent de l'Armenie medievale
  • L'interregne armenien: esquisse preliminaire
  • Frontier-frontiers? Transcaucasia and eastern Anatolia in the pre-Islamic period
  • L' Histoire attribuee A Movses Xorenac'i: que reste-t-il A en dire?
  • La date de la fondation de Theodosioupolis-Karin
  • Janus: the formation of the Armenian Church from the 4th to the 7th century
  • Taron as an early-Christian Armenian center
  • Le temoignage d'Anastas vardapet sur les monasteres armeniens de Jerusalem A la fin du 6e siecle
  • Introduction to the problem of early Armenian monasticism
  • Was a council held at ValarA!apat in A.D. 491?
  • Le vin pur du calice dans l'Eglise armenienne
  • Armenian sources on Sasanian administration
  • Une coA-ncidence supplementaire entre les sources armeniennes et perses: le cas du grand vizir Mihr Nerseh
  • Le 'guerrier des seigneurs'
  • Indexes.

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