Cultural meanings of news : a text-reader


Cultural meanings of news : a text-reader

editor, Daniel A. Berkowitz

Sage Publications, c2011

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What is news? Why does news turn out like it does? What factors influence the creation, production, and dissemination of news? Cultural Meanings of News takes on these deceptively simple questions through an essential collection of seminal and contemporary studies by leaders in the fields of mass communication and media studies. Similar in format and purpose to editor Dan Berkowitz's award-winning Social Meanings of News, this new volume represents a conceptual update, a continuation of the discourse about the nature of news and how it comes to be, moving ideas ahead from the earlier tradition of sociological approaches to the more pervasive cultural perspectives that inform understandings about news. Cultural Meanings of News provides a carefully selected set of readings, organized into thematic areas that each probe a dimension of the literature: from sociological roots to cultural perspectives; news as narrative and cultural text; newswork as cultural ritual; news as cultural myth; news and its interpretive communities; news as a source and reflection of collective memory; toward the future of news research. This text-reader provides students and scholars with first-hand exposure to cultural approaches to the study of news, while also providing an organizing framework for understanding the commonalties and differences between threads in the research. The goals are to engage readers through guided immersion in the material.


Acknowledgments - Dan Berkowitz Introducation: From Journalistic Roots to Cultural Perspectives - Dan Berkowitz Part I: A Framework for Thinking About the Meanings of News - Dan Berkowitz 1. Understanding the Global Journalist: A Hierarchy of Influences Approach - Stephen D. Reese 2. What Is Journalism? Preofessional Identity and Ideology of Journalists Reconsidered - Mark Deuze 3. Deconstructing Journalism Culture: Toward a Universal Theory - Thomas Hanitzsch Part II: Cultural Practice of Journalism - Dan Berkowitz 4. The Socially Responsible Existentialist: A Normative Emphasis for Journalists in a New Media Environment - Jane B. Singer 5. Blasphemy as Sacred Rite/Right: 'The Mohammed Cartoons Affair' and Maintenance of Journalistic Ideology - Dan Berkowitz and Lyombe Eko 6. The Journalistic Gut Feeling: Journalistic Doxa, News Habitus and Orthodox News Values - Ida Schultz 7. Media Ritual in Catastrophic Time: The Populist Turn in Television Coverage of Hurricane Katrina - Frank Durham Part III: Making Meaning in the Journalistic Interpretive Community - Dan Berkowitz 8. War Journalism and the 'KIA Journalist': The Cases of David Bloom and Michael Kelly - Matt Carlson 9. The Importance of Ritual in Crisis Journalism - Kristina Riegert and Eva-Karin Olsson 10. 'Someone's Gotta Be in Control Here': The Institutionalization of Online News and the Creation of Shared Jounalistic Authority - Sue Robinson 11. Broader and Deeper: A Study of Newsroom Culture in a Time of Change - David Ryfe Part IV: Repairing the Jounalistic Paradigm - Dan Berkowitz 12. The Princess and the Paparazzi: Blame, Responsibility, and the Media's Role in the Death of Diana - Elizabeth Blanks Hindman 13. 'These Crowded Circumstances': When Pack Journalists Bash Pack Journalism - Russell Frank 14. Israeli Image Repair: Recasting the Deviant Actor to Retell the Story - Robert L. Handley 15. A Paradigm in Process: What the Scapegoating of Vusi Mona Signalled About South African Journalism - Guy Berger Part V: News Narratives as Cultural Text - Dan Berkowitz 16. Why Peace Journalism Isn't News - Liz Fawcett 17. 'Lost Boys' and the Promised Land: U.S. Newspaper Coverage of Sudanese Refugees - Melinda B. Robins 18. Crafting Cultural Resonance: Imaginative Power in Everyday Journalism - James S. Ettema 19. Medea in the Media: Narrative and Myth in the Newspaper Coverage of Women Who Kill Their Children - Barbara Barnett Part VI: News as Collective Memory - Dan Berkowitz 20. Reporting Through the Lens of the Past: From Challenger to Columbia - Jill Edy and Miglena Daradanova 21. Memory in Journalism and the Memory of Journalism: Israeli Journalists and the Constructed Legacy of Haolam Hazeh - Oren Meyes 22. Making Memories Matter: Journalistic Authority and the Memorializing Discourse Around Mary McGrory and David Brinkley - Matt Carlson 23. ' We Were All There': Remembering America in the Anniversary Coverage of Hurricane Katrina - Sue Robinson Epilogue: Reflecting on Cultural Meanings of News - Dan Berkowitz Index About the Editor

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