Civic service : service-learning with state and local government partners



Civic service : service-learning with state and local government partners

[edited by] David P. Redlawsk, Tom Rice and associates ; foreword by Kay W. Barnes

(The Jossey-Bass higher and adult education series)

Jossey-Bass, c2009

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This book reveals how to implement effective service-learning programs and contains myriad examples of successful efforts across multiple disciplines. The book focuses on service-learning with government partners, such as city councils, school districts, and public agencies however the lessons are easily transferable to service-learning courses with businesses and not-for-profit organizations. Taking a unique approach, the book offers comprehensive look at all of the constituencies served by service-learning, including, teachers and students, government agencies as community partners, higher education administrators, and community citizens.


Foreword. Acknowledgments. The Editors. The Contributors . 1. Why Civic Service (Tom Rice and David P. Redlawsk). 2. Partnerships That Work: Developing and Sustaining Service-Learning Partnerships with Government Agencies (Steven G. Jones, Johnny Goldfinger, and Timothy M. Koponen). VOICES: Social Service Agencies as Government Partner. 3. CommUniverCity San Jos': Building a Partnership for Service and Learning (Terry Christensen and Melinda Jackson). VOICES: City and University. 4. Learning Politics and Learning to Learn: A Collaborative Service-Learning Project with a Local Government (Jeffrey L. Bernstein and Joseph Ohren). VOICES: The Government Practitioner. 5. Linking Advanced Public Service-Learning and Community Participation with Environmental Analytical Chemistry: Lessons from Case Studies in Western New York ( Joseph A. Gardella, Jr., Tammy M. Milillo, Gaurav Sinha, Gunwha Oh, David C. Manns, and Eleanor Coffey). VOICES: The Community Organization. 6. Pandemic Flu Planning Support for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (Charles Hadlock, Jennifer Infurna, Peter Koutoujian, and Jennifer Ricci). VOICES: The Academic Institution. 7. Let's Get It Started: Leadership, Civic Engagement, and Service-Learning ( Kendra A. King). VOICES: Government Partners and University. 8. When Service-Learning Meets Governmental Inertia: Lessons from an Oklahoma Town (Christine Pappas). VOICES: Students Make a Difference. 9. Service-Learning in an Urban Public School District: The Buffalo Experience (Joseph A. Gardella Jr., Heather M. Maciejewski, and Mara B. Huber). VOICES: The School Teacher. 10. Students as Policy Researchers for State Legislatures (Anthony Gierzynski and Tom Rice). VOICES: State Legislators in Vermont and Iowa. 11. Living the Theory: Local Politics and Service-Learning (David P. Redlawsk and Nora Wilson). VOICES: A Service-Learning Teaching Assistant. 12. Triangulated Learning: Integrating Text, Current Events, and Experience in State and Local Government (Fredric A. Waldstein). VOICES: Partners in Service-Learning. 13. Service-Learning in the Engineering Sciences (William Oakes). VOICES: Long-Term Relationships. 14. Reciprocity: Creating a Model for Campus-Community Partnerships (Marsha K. Turner and Rosa Ramos Morgan). VOICES: Community Revitalization with a Collaborative Partnership. Appendix A: Examples of Service-Learning with Government Partners: Varied Approaches (Charlotte Ridge). Appendix B: Service-Learning Resources. Index.

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