Special maps of Persia 1477-1925


Special maps of Persia 1477-1925

by Cyrus Alai

(Handbuch der Orientalistik = Handbook of Oriental studies, section 1 . The Near and Middle east ; v. 99)

Brill, 2010

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Includes bibliographical references and index



This volume complements the best-seller and award-winning General Maps of Persia, praised by Dr. John Hebert, Chief of the Geography and Map Division of the Library of Congress: "This carefully researched work is a must have item in any collection of research materials on the history of cartography... I cannot wait for the arrival of subsequent volumes of further great scholarship and readable map reproductions on other detailed aspects of the history of mapping of Persia." Encouraged by numerous commending reviews in five languages - English, French, German, Persian and Armenian - and gratifying testimonials from many renowned authorities in the fields of `History of Cartography' and `Iranian Studies', Cyrus Alai continued his research and collected further material to produce the present volume: Special Maps of Persia, 1477-1925, covering every map of that region, other than general maps. Thus, it not only complements the General Maps of Persia, it is also a completely new volume in its own right and, providing an even closer insight into the region. The book is divided into nine chapters: Historical Maps, District Maps, Frontier Maps, Town Maps, Political Maps etc. Like the preceding volume, it has a dual character, being both a carto-bibliography and a mapping history of Persia. It contains 761 map-entries, of which 409 are illustrated, mostly in colour. Concise related historical accounts precede every chapter and section, and essential historical notes are also supplied within many of the map entries. Undoubtedly, this book is a treasure house not just for cartographers, but also historians, social historians, linguists and archaeologists.


  • Special Abbreviations Acknowledgements Foreword Preface Chapter One: Historical Maps Section One: The Ancient (Pre-Islamic) Periods in General Section Two: Median Period Section Three: Achaemenid Period Section Four: Alexander Campaign and Seleucid Period Section Five: Parthian (Arsacids) and Sasanian Periods Section Six: Pre-Safavid Islamic Period Chapter Two: District Maps Section One: Azerbaijan, Northwest Persia Section Two: Baluchistan and Sistan, Southeast Persia Section Three: Fars, South Persia Section Four: Gilan, North Persia Section Five: Khorasan, East Persia Section Six: Southwest Persia: Kurdistan, Bakhtiari Mountains, Luristan, Khuzistan and Southwest Persia Section Seven: West Persia Chapter Three: Caspian Sea and its Persian Shores Chapter Four: Persian Gulf, Persian Shores and Islands Section One: The Persian Gulf Section Two: Persian Shores, Parts of the Persian Gulf, and Gulf of Oman Section Three: The Persian Islands Chapter Five: Frontier Maps Section One: Western Frontiers Section Two: Northern Frontiers Section Three: Eastern Frontiers Chapter Six: Route Maps Chapter Seven: Town Maps, Historical Sites Collection of Towns: Ardebil, Bampur, Bandar Abbas, Bisotun, Bushehr, Hamadan, Hormoz, Isfahan: City of Isfahan, Meydan-i-Shah, Other Important Monuments
  • Izad-Khvast, Jolfa, Kashan, Kerman, Kermanshah, Mashhad, Persepolis, Qazvin, Qom, Qomsheh, Rey, Sarakhs, Sarpol-i-Zahab, Saveh, Shiraz, Soltanieh, Tabriz, Teheran, Yazd, Historical Sites Chapter Eight: Political, Transport/Communication, and Tribal Maps Section One: Political and Military Maps Section Two: Transport, Communication and Economic Maps Section Three: Tribal Maps Chapter Nine: Natural-Topographical and Geological Maps Section One: Rivers Section Two: Lakes and Salt Plains Section Three: Mountains and Cross-Sections Section Four: Geological Maps List of Consulted Map Collections List of Plates Bibliography Chronological Index of Map Entries Index of Personal and Institutional Names Index of Geographical Names

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