Bread, beer and the seeds of change : agriculture's imprint on world history



Bread, beer and the seeds of change : agriculture's imprint on world history

Thomas R. Sinclair, Carol Janas Sinclair

CABI, c2010

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The history of humankind is intimately tied to the history of agriculture: powerful societies rose, persisted and waned in parallel with their food supply systems. Describing what crops were grown, the constraints on their production and the foods that were obtained, this book traces the impact of cropping and food preparation in ten societies that were among the most powerful and influential in history, detailing how technology varied and developed as it related directly to agriculture and food production. The book covers the background of agricultural development, early agricultural societies, and the advancement of technology from the ancient Greeks and Romans to the present. It finishes by addressing the implications for the future of agriculture and food supply as grain production moves towards biofuels. A compelling text for all those interested in the history of society and civilisations, global agriculture, and what it means for the future, this text is also an essential reference for students of agriculture, food technology, history and anthropology.


Part I: Background Chapter 1: Why Agriculture? Chapter 2: What Crops to Grow? Chapter 3: Beer and Bread Chapter 4: Human Nutrition and Health Chapter 5: Cropping Requirements Part II: Early Agricultural Societies Chapter 6: Sumerian (~3500 to 2334 BCE) Chapter 7: Egyptian (~3000 to 1070 BCE) Chapter 8: Chinese (206 BCE to 220 CE) Chapter 9: Bantu of Africa (~500 BCE to 300 CE) Chapter 10: Maya (~150 BCE to 910 CE) Part III: Technology Advances in Western Societies Chapter 11: Athenians (550 to 334 BCE) / Romans (509 BCE to 410 CE) Chapter 12: Feudal Europeans (800 to 1347) Chapter 13: British (1700 to 1850) Chapter 14: Development of Science and Technology (1850 to 1950) Chapter 15: Americans (1950 to present) A: Epilogue: Future of Grain Fermentation

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