Jewish London : an illustrated history


Jewish London : an illustrated history

Gerry Black

Tymsder Publishing, 2009, c2007

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"First published by Breedon Books Publishing Company Limited in 2003, paperback edition 2007, this edition by Tymsder Publishing 2009"--T.p. verso



"Jewish History in London" properly begins with the arrival of a small group of Jews with William the Conqueror. Despite their expulsion in 1290, the influence of Jews on the life of the capital has grown, especially after the large-scale immigrations of the 19th and 20th century. The Jews have had an extraordinary impact on the life of the city, and this book shows how it happened. Gerry Black recalls the origins and motives of the generations of Jews who came to make their home in London. The development of the famously close-knit societies they formed in the East End, in north London and else-where in the capital is recorded, and illustrated, in graphic detail. He also gives a fascinating account of their struggle to establish themselves in the city - their housing, their work and trades, schools, hospitals and synagogues. His narrative gives a vivid portrait of outstanding individuals who made notable contributions to the Jewish community and to the wider history of the capital - businessmen, artists, lawyers, artisans. At the same time he records momentous events that marked the course of Jewish History in the city, from the expulsion of 1290 to the Jack the Ripper case and the Sydney Street siege. The story comes right up to the present day. Gerry Black looks back at the further immigration that took place from Germany and Austria before World War Two and from Egypt, Hungary, Iraq, Iran and India after the war. His lively account offers a sharp insight into the contribution made by modern Jews to the culture and economy of London. His book will be essential reading for everyone who is interested in the Jewish community and in the cultural diversity of the capital.

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