The Middle East


    • Lust, Ellen


The Middle East

Ellen Lust, editor

CQ Press, c2011

12th ed

  • : pbk

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Includes bibliographical references and index



Now in its twelfth edition, The Middle East continues to be the most comprehensive, balanced introduction to the region. This long trusted and time-tested resource has not only been updated for currency, but the scope of the book has also been thoughtfully modified to capture a more complex and complete picture of the Middle East. Its new editor, Ellen Lust, has gathered an outstanding group of scholars to bring important revisions to this edition: / new chapters on political economy, domestic and regional politics, and international relations have been added to the overview section; / new organization of the country profiles mirrors the topics covered in the overview section, making them more thorough, consistent, and easier to teach; / new profiles feature the North African countries of Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia; / thorough updates on the latest events in the region, including election results from Iran and other countries, current immigration trends, developments in peace negotiations between Arab and Israeli leaders, as well as changes in diplomatic relations; and / more maps, tables, and figures show political and demographic data. Both students and instructors will appreciate the new online ancillaries that accompany this edition: a dynamic, interactive chronology of major events, a wealth of key documents, and lists of resources for further study. All of the maps, tables, and figures are available for download as well.


PART I. OVERVIEW The Making of the Modern Middle East - Michael Gasper Social Change in the Middle East - Valentine Moghadam and Tabitha Decker The Political Economy of Development in the Middle East - Melani Cammett Institutions and Governance - Ellen Lust Actors, Public Opinions, and Participation - Amaney Jamal The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict - Mark Tessler Regional International Relations - Marc Lynch International Politics of the Middle East - Francesco Cavatorta PART II. PROFILES Algeria - Lahouari Addi Egypt - Tarek Masoud Iran - Mehrzad Boroujerdi Iraq - Eric Davis Israel - Asher Arian Jordan - Laurie Brand Kuwait - Hesham Al-Awadi Lebanon - Paul Salem Libya - Luis Martinez Morocco - Saloua Zerhouni Palestinian Authority - Benoit Challand Persian Gulf States - Katja Niethammer Saudi Arabia - Pascal Menoret Syria - Raymond Hinnebusch Tunisia - Jeffrey Coupe Turkey - Mine Eder Yemen - Sarah Phillips

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