Economic development in Latin America : essay in honor of Werner Baer



Economic development in Latin America : essay in honor of Werner Baer

edited by Hadi Salehi Esfahani, Giovanni Facchini, and Geoffrey J.D. Hewings

Palgrave Macmillan, 2010

  • : hbk

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Includes bibliographical references and index



This book addresses a diverse set of challenges facing Latin American economies. These range from the role of neo-liberal policies, deficit targeting, import substitution, role of institutions, trade and regional development and human capital and poverty.


  • Introduction
  • H.Esfahani, G.Facchini, L.Neal & G.Hewings PART I: THE ROLE OF INSTITUTIONS International Cooperation and Global Justice
  • P.Streeten Latin America, UNCTAD, and the Postwar Trading System
  • J.Love Import Substitution Industrialization in Latin America: Experience and Lessons for the Future
  • C.Braga With or without the IMF? Economic Recovery after Devaluation in Argentina and Brazil
  • A.Gallo The Decision to Become Informal Self-Employed in Latin America
  • P.Gonzalez, W.Cunningham & W.Maloney Institutions and Economic Growth in the Atlantic Periphery: The Efficiency of the Portuguese Machinery of Justice, 1870-1910 51
  • J.Reis An Evaluation of the Contractionary Devaluation Hypothesis
  • R.Bebczuk , A.Galindo & U.Panizza PART II: INCOME DISTRIBUTION AND EOCNOMIC DEVELOPMENT Interpreting Brazilian Income Distribution Trends
  • D.Coes The Evolution of Agriculture and Land Reform in Brazil, 1960 2006
  • C.Mueller & B.Mueller Human Capital and Income Concentration in Brazil
  • M.Bugarin PART III: REGIONAL ASPECTS OF ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT Structural Analysis of Employment in the Brazilian Economy: 1996 and 2002 Compared
  • J.Guilhoto, S.Ichihara & M.Amorim Trade Liberalization, Space and Regional Development
  • E.Haddad Regional and Demographic Determinants of Poverty in Brazil
  • A.Souza, C.Azzoni & V.Nogueira PART IV: NEW CHALLENGES The Political Economy of the New Left in Latin America: Does the Bell Toll for Neo-Liberalism?
  • E.Amman Deficit Targeting: an Incentive Mechanism for Subnational Fiscal Deficit Reduction in Brazil
  • M.S.Bugarin, M.N.S.Bugarin & H.Pires Is there any Difference in Well-being between American and Brazilian College Students
  • T.Cavalcanti, J.F.Guimaraes & J.R.Nogueira PART V: A RETROSPECTIVE ON WERNER BAER Economics the Werner Baer Way
  • L.Samuelson Making a Great Difference: the Influence of Professor Werner Baer on the Economic Literature in Brazil, and on Brazil
  • C.R.Azzoni

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