Crime prevention : approaches, practices and evaluations

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Crime prevention : approaches, practices and evaluations

Steven P. Lab

LexisNexis/Anderson Pub., c2010

7th ed

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 335-389) and indexes

Description and Table of Contents


This book reviews concepts, information and points of view that help to explain the context and constraints of the criminal justice system. The chapters summarize developments in public policy and crime control, and interweave themes central to the discussion: the impact of ideology, the role of the media, and the politicization of crime and criminal justice.

Table of Contents

1. Crime and the Fear of Crime 2. Crime Prevention 3. Evaluation and Crime Prevention Section I: Primary Prevention 4. The Physical Environment and Crime 5. Neighborhood Crime Prevention 6. Displacement and Diffusion 7. The Mass Media and Crime Prevention 8. General Deterrence Section II: Secondary Prevention 9. Prediction for Secondary Prevention 10. Situational Crime Prevention 11. Partnerships for Crime Prevention 12. Drugs, Crime, and Crime Prevention 13. The School and Crime Prevention Section III: Tertiary Prevention 14. Specific Deterrence and Incapacitation 15. Rehabilitation 16. Some Closing Thoughts on Crime Prevention and the Future

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