Coinage of central India : with special reference to early coins from the Narmada Valley


Coinage of central India : with special reference to early coins from the Narmada Valley

R.K. Sharma

Aryan Books International, 2011

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Includes bibliographical references (p. [225]-230) and index



During the ancient period, Central India - comprising the modern states of Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh - came under the rule of the Mahajanapadas, the Nandas, the Mauryas, the Sungas, the Satavahanas, the Sakas, the Ksatrapas, the Nagas, the Kusanas, the Guptas and their feudatories, the Hunas, the Vardhanas, the Chalukyas, the Kalachuris, the Rashtrakutas, the Gurjara Pratiharas, the Paramaras, the Chandellas, the Kachchhapaghatas, the Nalas and other local dynasties. Numismatics, being a very important source material, has been fruitfully utilised for the reconstruction of the ancient history and culture of Central India from the times of the Mauryas to c. 13th century AD. The present work is a systematic account of the tradition of coinage in Central India. The book also presents a descriptive bibliographic data of the numismatic source material of the region. Having made an in-depth study of the early coinage of the Narmada Valley, the book tries to justify that the numismatic wealth of the region is almost unparalleled in the country.


Preface vii List of Abbreviations xi List of Illustrations xiii I. The Tradition of Coinage in Central India 1 II. Numismatic Data from Central India 7 Punch Marked Coins - 7/Uninscribed, Cast and Die-Struck Coins - 11/Tribal Coins and Coins of the Janapadas and Local Rulers - 13/Indo-Greek and Indo-Bactrian Coins - 17/Satavahana Coins - 17/Coins of the Sakas and the Western Ksatrapas - 20/Kusana Coins - 22/Naga Coins - 23/Bodhi Coins - 25/Sena Coins - 25/Magha Coins - 25/Coins of the Guptas and Their Contemporaries - 26/Adivaraha Drammas - 29/Indo-Sassanian Coins - 29/Coins of the Chandellas - 31/Coins of the Paramaras of Malwa - 32/Coins of the Kalachuris - 32/Coins of the Chhindaka Nagas of Bastar - 35/Padmatankas of the Yadava Kings of Devagiri - 35/Coins of the Kachchhapaghatas - 35/Coins of the Yajvapalas - 35/Miscellaneous Coins - 36/Seals, Sealings and Impressions - 37. III. Punch Marked Coins 42 Silver Punch Marked Coins - 42/Silver-Coated Copper Punch Marked Coins - 55/Copper Punch Marked Coins - 57. IV. Uninscribed Cast Coins 73 Tripuri - 73/Kakarehta - 80/Maheshwar - 80/Kasrawad - 82/Date - 84. V. Uninscribed Die-Struck Coins 86 Tripuri - 86/Maheshwar - 98/Kasrawad - 100. VI. Uninscribed Copper and Bronze Punch Marked Coins 105 Tripuri - 105. VII. Coins of the City-States 108 Tripuri - 109/Madavike - 113/Bhagila - 115/Kurapurika - 120/Kurara - 121/Kuraghara - 124/Mahismati and Madasmati - 125/Date of the City-Issues - 129/Authority for Issuing the City-State Coins - 129. VIII. Coins of the Local Rulers 133 Coins of Mitra Rulers - 133/Coins of Bhadra Rulers - 134. IX. Coins of the Sunga-Kanva Rulers 138 Coins of Revabhuti - 139/Re-struck Coins of Revabhuti - 140/Coins of Hathadeva - 140/Coins of Bhumidata - 142. X. Coins of the Dattas and the Satavahanas 145 Coins of the Dattas - 146/Coins of the Satavahanas - 149. XI. Coins and Sealings of the Bodhis and the Senas 157 The Bodhis - 157/The Senas - 167. XII. Coins of the Saka-Ksatrapas 172 The First Saka Occupation in M.P. - 172/The Saka-Satavahana Struggle - 172/The Ksaharata Ksatrapas - 173/The Kardamakas - 174/A New Saka House - 179/Another Saka House - 180. XIII. Coins of the Kusanas, the Nagas and the Maghas 186 Kusana Coins - 186/Naga Coins - 189/Magha Coins - 194. XIV. Cultural Ethos as Reflected in the Coins of the Narmada Valley (c. 200 BC-AD 320) 198 Religion - 198/Animal Worship - 201/Auspicious Symbols - 204/Trade and Commercial Activities - 208. XV. Historical Data from the Coins of the Narmada Valley (c. 200 BC-AD 320) 211 Punch Marked Coins - 211/Uninscribed Cast Coins - 212/Uninscribed Die-Struck Coins - 214/Uninscribed Punch Marked Coins - 214/Coins of the City-States - 215/Coins of the Local Rulers - 216/Coins of the Sunga-Kanva Rulers - 217/Coins of the Dattas and the Satavahanas - 218/Coins of the Bodhis and the Senas - 220/Coins of the Saka Ksatrapas - 222/Coins of the Kusanas, the Nagas and the Maghas - 222. Select Bibliography 225 Index 231

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