Pathways through crisis : urban risk and public culture


Pathways through crisis : urban risk and public culture

Carl A. Maida

AltaMira Press, c2008

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When densely populated urban areas face severe crises-natural disasters, epidemics, sudden unemployment, massive immigration-they often find that established mechanisms cannot respond adequately to the problems. Carl Maida argues that solutions to these problems tend to be developed within the affected communities themselves. In Pathways through Crisis, he draws on his two decades of work in ethnography and with crisis centers in the Los Angeles area to study the kinds of informal organizations that arise at the grass-roots level in order to deal with severe crises. This ground-breaking examination of responses to urban disaster suggests how both informal and formal organizations can be developed to serve people under extreme duress.


Chapter 1 Introduction Chapter 2 Chapter 1. A World of Strangers Chapter 3 Chapter 2. Global Economy and Local Dilemma Chapter 4 Chapter 3. Campaign against Stigma Chapter 5 Chapter 4. Facing Crises through Culture Chapter 6 Chapter 5. Strangers in the City Chapter 7 Chapter 6. Worlds Turned Upside Down Chapter 8 Chapter 7. The City is the Frontier Chapter 9 Chapter 8. Common Worlds

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