Other space odysseys



Other space odysseys

Greg Lynn, Michael Maltzan, Alessandro Poli ; edited by Giovanna Borasi, Mirko Zardini

Canadian Centre for Architecture (CCA) , Lars Müller, c2010

  • : CCA
  • : Lars Müller


Autres odyssées de l'espace

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"Catalogue of an exhibition held at the Canadian Centre for Architecture, Montréal, Québec, Apr. 8-Sept. 6, 2010."--Colophon

"Issued also in French under title: Autres odyssées de l'espace."--Colophon



This book presents three architectural responses to the idea of journeys through outer space in a future based on technology. After the 1969 moonwalk, Alessandro Poli with Superstudio considered it critical to imagine our environment as connected to outer space. His "Architettura interplanetaria" imagined a form of architecture that could be conceived and realized at the galactic scale. Poli's "Architettura materiale," on the other hand, challenged the optimism of journeying so far from our centre and questioned our dependence on technology. NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory is the site of one of Michael Maltzan's current projects. His goal is to bridge earthbound scientists with their work at the scale of outer space. Maltzan challenges existing architectural models for scientific research, and proposes a new type of environment to facilitate collaboration. Greg Lynn imagines a virtual challenge to our traditional way of conceiving space. He proposes original ways of thinking about design in relation to gravity and is creating a computer-based simulated environment that will allow a new kind of architectural experimentation. New City is the first such virtual world to be conceived by an architect, and provides an unprecedented geographic representation of our own world. This book will bring the reader on many journeys while questioning fundamental assumptions about architecture and space.

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