Reconciling trade and climate : how the WTO can help address climate change


    • Epps, Tracey
    • Green, Andrew (Andrew James)


Reconciling trade and climate : how the WTO can help address climate change

Tracey Epps, Andrew Green

(Elgar international economic law)

E. Elgar, c2010

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Includes bibliographical references and index



This timely book addresses the interaction between policies addressing climate change and the rules of the WTO. The authors expertly examine the law and economics behind the application of trade rules in the area of climate, including the implications of WTO rules for domestic climate measures, the unilateral use of trade measures to attempt to force other countries to take climate action, and the role of trade measures in multilateral climate agreements. The book argues that while there is a possibility of conflict between international trade rules and progress on climate change, it need not be the case. Thus the major focus is on the ways in which trade measures can aid in addressing climate change.


Contents: Part I: Introduction 1. Reconciling Trade Rules and Climate Policies Part II: Linkages between Trade and Climate Change 2. Climate Change, Trade and International Agreements 3. The Existing Trade and Climate Change Frameworks 4. The Role of Trade Measures in Addressing Climate Change Part III: Trade Rules and Domestic Policies 5. Regulations and Domestic Emissions Trading 6. Taxes 7. Subsidies 8. Border Tax Adjustments 9. The Role of Environmental Exceptions 10. Judging Domestic Policy Part IV: Unilateral Action to Force Other Countries to Take Climate Change Action 11. Carrots - Positive Inducements 12. Dismantling Roadblocks 13. Negative Incentives: Using 'Sticks' Part V: Multilateral Solutions 14. Trade Measures in a Climate Agreement 15. Increasing Environmentally Beneficial Trade Part VI: Conclusion 16. Trade, Climate Protection and Development Index

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