The uses of the Middle Ages in modern European states : history, nationhood and the search for origins


The uses of the Middle Ages in modern European states : history, nationhood and the search for origins

edited by R.J.W. Evans and Guy P. Marchal

(Writing the nation : national historiographies and the making of nation states in 19th and 20th century Europe, v. 8)

Palgrave Macmillan, 2011

  • : hardback

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 263-283) and index



An assessment of the role of the Middle Ages in national historiography and in modern conceptions of national identity, looking at relatively young nations, and regions which claim national traditions but were slow to achieve, or regain, separate statehood. Examples range from Ireland and Iceland through Austria and Italy to Finland and Greece.


  • List of Contributors Introduction
  • G.Marchal PART I: CELTS AND SCANDINAVIA Transmission and Translation of Medieval Irish Sources in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries
  • B.Cunningham The 'Decline of Norway': Grief and Fascination in Norwegian Historiography on the Middle Ages
  • J.E.Myhre 'Braves Step out of the Night of the Barrows': Regenerating the Heritage of Early Medieval Finland
  • D.Fewster Interpreting the Nordic Past: Icelandic Medieval Manuscripts and the Construction of a Modern Nation
  • G.Halfdanarson PART II: BENELUX A Serious Case of Amnesia: The Dutch and their Middle Ages
  • P.Raedts Medieval Myths and the Building of National Identity: the Example of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
  • M.Margue & P.Peporte An Era of Grandeur: The Middle Ages in Belgian National Historiography, 1830-1914
  • J.Tollebeek PART III: BALKANS To Whom Does Byzantium Belong? Greeks, Turks and the Present of the Medieval Balkans
  • J.Niehoff-Panagiotidis The Image of the Kosovo Battle (1389) Today: A Historic Event, a Moral Pattern, or the Tool of Political Manipulation
  • M.Suica PART IV: CENTRAL EUROPE Italy's Various Middle Ages
  • M.Moretti & I.Porciani Medievalism and Swiss National Identity
  • G.Marchal The Public Instrumentalization of the Middle Ages in Austria since 1945
  • H.Wolfram 'Old Czechs were Hefty Heroes': The Construction and Reconstruction of Czech National History in its Relationship to the 'Great' Medieval Past
  • F.Smahel Conclusion
  • R.J.W.Evans Bibliography Index

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