Education without borders : diversity in a cosmopolitan society


    • Naidoo, Loshini


Education without borders : diversity in a cosmopolitan society

Loshini Naidoo, editor

(Education in a competitive and globalizing world series)

Nova Science Publishers, c2010

  • : hardcover

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Cosmopolitanism, which involves openness to diversity and difference in the world, is more widely embedded in educational discourses about the contemporary state in today's society. In a sense it is a reorganisation of everyday social life as a result of the greater transnational mobility of people, which in turn has created a greater diversity in our society. It essentially revolves around care for other cultures, concern for the integrity of cultures in a diverse society and particularly in education it calls for self-reflection with respect to both our own cultural context and other cultural values. This book illustrates how education works without borders in a cosmopolitan society.


  • Preface
  • Beyond the Nation: Globalization, Identity & Refugees
  • "Rural" Schools & Universities: Challenging a negative concept of otherness towards rural communities
  • Community Engagement as Pedagogy for Transnational Learning
  • World English speaking students' cosmopolitan experiences: Learning to be an Australian teacher
  • International students & international education: Recognizing WES students' agency for educating citizens of a cosmopolitan society
  • Cosmopolitanism & distance education in Australian higher education
  • Researching in a cosmopolitan university: how much can e-learning contribute?
  • On Being an Insider and/or an Outsider: A Diasporic Researcher's Catch-22
  • Questioning Identity: Gender & Nation
  • Diverse lessons: cosmopolitanism & fantasy fiction inside & outside the classroom
  • (Re)-establishing children's identities through critical place-based pedagogy & cosmopolitan learning
  • Index.

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