Alleviating poverty through business strategy : global case studies in social entrepreneurship


Alleviating poverty through business strategy : global case studies in social entrepreneurship

edited by Charles Wankel

Palgrave Macmillan, 2010

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"First PALGRAVE MACMILLAN paperback edition: April 2010"--T.p. verso

Includes bibliographical references and index



There is a growing realization that business development is the most effective weapon in fighting world poverty. How the for-profit model can be harnessed to provide the poor with a share in the world's prosperity is discussed through actual cases, and nested in innovative theories of business, social sciences, and philosophy.


  • PART I: THE CONTEXT Introduction: The Context of Alleviating Business Strategy
  • C. Wankel The End of Foreign Aid as We Know It: The Profitable Alleviation of Poverty in a Globalized Economy
  • S. Kelley, Patricia H. Werhane and L. P. Hartman Innovative Business Approaches and Poverty: Toward a First Evaluation
  • E. Raufflet, A. Berranger and A. Aguilar-Platas Information and Communication Technology for Alleviating Poverty in Developing Nations
  • N. Yajnik PART II: NGOs AND UNIVERSITIES A Collaborative-Systemic Strategy Addressing the Dynamics of Poverty in Guatemala
  • J. L. Ritchie-Dunham In Search of Sustainable Social Mission Ventures to Eliminate Poverty
  • S. McIntyre PART III: COMMUNITIES AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP Scrutinizing the Link between Poverty and Business Strategy: What Can We Learn from the Case of Shuttle Traders in Laleli
  • M. Eder and OE. OEz Dynamics of Value Creation and Value Appropriation in Network-based Enterprises
  • O. Branzei Alleviating Poverty Using Microfranchising Models: Case Studies and a Critique
  • L. Jones Christensen PART IV: BUSINESS INITIATIVES Developing Export Capacity among Craft Manufacturers
  • J. Hack Katz Doing Well by Doing Good: Unilever's Contribution to India's Poorest
  • W. Amann and S. Khan Marketing Strategies for Subsistence Marketplaces
  • M. Viswanathan, S. Sridharan and R. Ritchie

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