Looking beyond the structure : critical thinking for designers and architects


    • Bucsescu, Dan
    • Eng, Michael


Looking beyond the structure : critical thinking for designers and architects

Dan Bucsescu, Michael Eng

Fairchild Books, c2009

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 283-285) and index



This text examines the relationship between the built form and culture and serves as an introduction to thinking philosophically about design theory for students in interior design and architecture. Through a series of primary and secondary reading selections written by important architects, critics, and thinkers, students are introduced to paradigms and models for interpreting the built environment and encouraged to think on their own about their designs for the built environment. Readings and subsequent "Dialogues," or exchange of ideas and stories, encourage design considerations and facilitate holistic thinking in the design process. Features: -- Focuses on skills such as critical thinking and problem solving -- Selected readings appropriate for all levels - from foundation to advanced courses -- Weekly assignments consisting of short written responses to the readings "Dialogues" -- Final assignment to write a "Personal Manifesto" -- Appendix includes glossary of key terms and extensive bibliography -- Instructor's Guide includes suggestions for additional practice-based and research-based assignments


Contents: -- What is Design? What is Architecture? -- What is Function? What is Form? -- What is Natural? What is the Artificial? -- What are Appearance and Reality? -- What is an Event? -- What is Geometry? -- What is Context? -- What is Communication? -- How Buildings Mean? -- What is Imagination? -- What is Beauty? -- What is Intention? -- What is Place? -- What is Design? What is Architecture? -- Translation from Text to Image and Other Examples of Useful Sketch Problems

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