Legitimacy crisis in Thailand


Legitimacy crisis in Thailand

edited by Marc Askew

(King Prajadhipok's Institute yearbook / edited by Michael H. Nelson, no.5)

Silkworm Books, 2010

  • pbk.

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King Prajadhipok's Institute yearbook no.5(2008/09)



Intense political and ideological polarization has characterized the Thai state and society in the wake of the coup of 2006. Conflicts center on the legitimacy of institutions and the uses and abuses of power alongside the parallel crisis of state legitimacy posed by the ongoing violence in the country's Deep South. This collection of essays explores themes and issues arising from the polarization that has dominated Thailand's domestic affairs and impacted its international relations in the years 2008 to early 2010. Based on extensive research and documentation, this volume offers an important review and analysis of key events in Thailand's volatile political affairs during this period. Bringing together essays by Thai specialists as well as Western scholars in the region on key topics connected to Thailand's current legitimacy crisis, the book concludes with an insightful analysis of the key challenges facing the country politically, institutionally, and economically.

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