Risks in technological systems


Risks in technological systems

Göran Grimvall ... [et al.], editors

(Springer series in reliability engineering)

Springer, c2010

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"Risks in Technological Systems" is an interdisciplinary university textbook and a book for the educated reader on the risks of today's society. In order to understand and analyze risks associated with the engineering systems on which modern society relies, other concerns have to be addressed, besides technical aspects. In contrast to many academic textbooks dealing with technological risks, this book has a unique interdisciplinary character that presents technological risks in their own context. Twenty-four scientists have come together to present their views on risks in technological systems. Their scientific disciplines cover not only engineering, economics and medicine, but also history, psychology, literature and philosophy. Taken together these contributions provide a broad, but accurate, interdisciplinary introduction to a field of increasing global interest, as well as rich opportunities to achieve in-depth knowledge of the subject.


1. Introduction: The Global Risk Arena, Technological Systems, and this Book 2. Reflections on Risks and Technology 3. Risks in the Past and Present 4. The Dangerous Steam Engine 5. Risks and Safety in Building Structures 6. Risks in the Conversion of Energy 7. Chemical and Physical Health Risks - Chemicals, Radiation, and Noise 8. Safety Factors and Exposure Limits 9. How Dangerous Is It To Travel? 10. IT - Risks and Security 11. Vulnerability of Infrastructures 12. Risk Management 13. Risk Analysis 14. Fire and Explosion 15. The Human Factor? 16. The Perceptions of Risks of Technology 17. The Value of a Life 18. Tacit Knowledge and Risks 19. How To Worry in Moderation

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