Cognition and recognition : on the origin of movement : Rademaker (1887-1957), a biography


    • Hogenhuis, Leon A. H.


Cognition and recognition : on the origin of movement : Rademaker (1887-1957), a biography

by L.A.H. Hogenhuis

(History of science and medicine library, v. 6)

Brill, 2009

  • : hardback

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Includes bibliographical references and index



This book throws a penetrating light on the life and work of the physiologist turned neurologist G.G.J. Rademaker against the background of flourishing clinical research in the Netherlands of the early twentieth century. It charts the rise and fall of the branch of experimental neurophysiology of which Rademaker was a master, which was transmitted from Charles Sherrington in England to Rudolf Magnus at Utrecht and then to Rademaker, Magnus's most talented pupil. Reaching its apogee in the 1920s and 1930s, it was replaced after World War II by other less invasive approaches. This biography is a fitting memorial to a man who, though somewhat neglected in his own land, was recognised as a genius by his peers worldwide.


Foreword, Michel D. Ferrari, Leiden University Medical Centre How to Use this Book List of Illustrations BOOK I. Account of the Biographical Approach and Sources Used. Definition BOOK II. Experimental Physiology. Work in Magnus' Laboratory -'Koerperstellung'. The Facts BOOK III. Physiology Leiden after Einthoven BOOK IV. Wartime. The Philosophy behind Resistance. In memoriam Jan Mulders. Development of the Idea of Civitas Academica BOOK V. Rademaker the Man BOOK VI. The End of Postural Research. A Short Summary with Chronology BOOK VII. The Intellectual Climate in the Netherlands BOOK VIII. 'On the Origin of Movement'. History BOOK IX. Geometrical - Trigonometrical Clue Death Rademaker's Legacy Epilogue: Four Epiphanies L'anecdote est le pretexte et l'histoire de l'intimite Acknowledgments Conclusion on the Model of Cognition Presented

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