Economic dynamics


Economic dynamics

Giancarlo Gandolfo

Springer, 2010, c2009

4th. ed., study ed

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"Originally published by North Holland, 1971"--T.p. verso

Bibliography: p.[701]-729

Index: p.[731]-749

Answers to exercises: p. [751]-829



This is the fourth edition of a book that, after circulating in the form of l- ture notes at the universities of Rome (now La Sapienza University of Rome) and Siena in the late 1960s, was originally published in 1971 under the titleMat- maticalMethodsandModelsinEconomicDynamics. Inthosefortyoddyearstwo main developments have occurred in economic dynamics. The ?rst is the much greater amount of advanced mathematics that is being used today with respect to the past. The second is the increasing importance of non-linear modelling as contrastedwiththelinearapproach(which,however,hasnotgoneoutoffashion). This fourth edition re?ects both developments. It contains additional advanced mathematical tools, and a larger amount of non-linear mathematics and appli- tions. These developments are re?ected especially in Part III, that now accounts forwellover50%ofthebook. ItgoeswithoutsayingthatIhavemadeeverye?ort topreservetheuser-friendlyfeatureofthepreviouseditions: thespiritofthebook hasremainedthesame, namelytogiveacomprehensive, butsimple, treatmentof the mathematical methods commonly used in dynamical economics, and to show how they are applied to build and analyse economic models. Accordingly, the focus is on methods, and every mathematical technique - troduced is followed by its application to selected economic models that serve as examples. Theunifyingprincipleintheexpositionofthedi?erenteconomicm- els is then seen to be the common mathematical technique. This process will enable the readers not only to understand the basic literature, but also to build and analyse their own models.


  • LINEAR DIFFERENCE EQUATIONS.- Difference Equations: General Principles.- First-order Difference Equations.- First-order Difference Equations in Economic Models.- Second-order Difference Equations.- Second-order Difference Equations in Economic Models.- Higher-order Difference Equations.- Higher-order Difference Equations in Economic Models.- Simultaneous Systems of Difference Equations.- Simultaneous Difference Systems in Economic Models.- LINEAR DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS.- Differential Equations: General Principles.- First-order Differential Equations.- First-order Differential Equations in Economic Models.- Second-order Differential Equations.- Second-order Differential Equations in Economic Models.- Higher-order Differential Equations.- Higher-order Differential Equations in Economic Models.- Simultaneous Systems of Differential Equations.- Differential Equation Systems in Economic Models.- ADVANCED TOPICS.- Comparative Statics and the Correspondence Principle.- Stability of Equilibrium: A General Treatment.- Liapunov#x2019
  • s Second Method.- to Nonlinear Dynamics.- Bifurcation Theory.- Complex Dynamics.- Mixed Differential-Difference Equations.- Dynamic Optimization.- Saddle Points and Economic Dynamics.

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