Nursing and family caregiving : social support and nonsupport


    • Neufeld, Anne
    • Harrison, Margaret


Nursing and family caregiving : social support and nonsupport

Anne Neufeld, Margaret Harrison

Springer Pub. Co., c2010

  • : pbk

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Includes bibliographical references


  • Caregiving and social support
  • Supportive interactions, reciprocity, and obligation
  • Nonsupportive interactions in varied caregiving situations
  • Mobilizing support from family and friends
  • Mobilizing support from professional sources
  • Social support and caregiving in the context of migration
  • Becoming an advocate in response to nonsupportive interactions
  • A guide to support facilitation
  • Data generation : interactive use of genograms and ecomaps
  • Using a card sort technique in data generation
  • Facilitating participation of a vulnerable group : immigrant women



This book presents a framework for nurse practitioners and researchers concerned with mobilizing support for individuals caring for an adult or child family member in varied caregiving situations. Part One presents an overview of social support and nonsupport in family caregiving and factors that influence these experiences. Part Two provides illustrative examples and concludes with a structure useful in assessing and guiding mobilization of social support within the expectations of family caregivers. Part Three discusses the lessons learned from research with family caregivers. This part provides useful information for nurse researchers on recruitment of participants and appropriate data generation models. This text: provides practical know-how's for nurses working with families in the community or in primary care settings; suggests strategies for men and women to become advocates in response to nonsupportive interactions; presents a noted qualitative research paradigm; and, emphasizes the caregiving benefits of immigrant women.


  • Part 1 Social support and family caregiving
  • Chapter 1 Introduction to Family Caregiving and Social Support
  • Chapter 2 Nonsupportive interactions
  • Part 2 Mobilizing support for Family Caregivers: Issues, Examples and Assessment
  • Chapter 3 The influence of expectations for support
  • Chapter 4 Social support and relationship dimensions: Reciprocity and obligation
  • Chapter 5 Barriers in mobilizing support.

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