Profiles in diversity : Jews in a changing Europe, 1750-1870


Profiles in diversity : Jews in a changing Europe, 1750-1870

edited by Frances Malino and David Sorkin

Wayne State University Press, 1998

  • pbk. : alk. paper


From East and West

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Originally published: From East and West. Oxford, UK ; Cambridge, Mass. : B. Blackwell, 1991

Includes bibliographical references and index



This text explores the transformation in Europe from 1750 to 1870, looking at the lives of European Jews who experienced the shift from segregation on the margins of early modern society to integration in the modern nation state. The lives of men, women and children from all social and Jewish spheres are presented, and examined, with emphasis on social experience and attitudes, including cultural outlook and ambition, marriage and family life, and occupations and residence.


  • Patriarchs and Patricians, Richard Menkis
  • Abraham de Camondo of Istanbul, Aron Rodrigue
  • Majority Faith, Michael Burns
  • the Right to be Equal, Frances Malino
  • Preacher, Teacher, Publicist, David Sorkin
  • Mordechai Aaron Gunzburg, Israel Bartal
  • the Chequered Career of ""Jew"" King - a Study in Anglo-Jewish Social History, Todd M. Endelman
  • Jewish Upper Crust and Berlin Jewish Englightenment, Steven M. Lowenstein
  • Work, Love and Jewishness in the Life of Fanny Lewald, Deborah Hertz
  • Towards a Biography of Hatam Sofer, Jacob Katz
  • Zevi Hirsch Kalischer and the Origins of Religious Zionism, Jody Elizabeth Myers
  • the Anglicization of Orthodoxy, Eugene C. Black.

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