Early pregnancy


    • Farquharson, Roy G.
    • Stephenson, Mary D.


Early pregnancy

edited by Roy G. Farquharson, Mary D. Stephenson

(Cambridge medicine)

Cambridge University Press, 2010

  • : hard

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Problems in early pregnancy are among the most common conditions in gynaecology and obstetrics, and in recent years have become an increasingly studied and important field of reproductive medicine. Early Pregnancy is the first book to embrace a multidisciplinary approach to this rapidly growing field. It combines the expertise of a wide range of internationally renowned authors to produce an authoritative reference on the subject, aiming to improve patient care in early pregnancy by making key recommendations for clinicians. The chapters cover a wide range of core subjects as well as addressing the latest developments by translating research into clinical practice. By bringing together essential elements of scientific research and clinical care Early Pregnancy sets a new benchmark for evidence-based patient care and will be essential reading for all clinicians, nurses, trainees and scientific researchers with an interest in early pregnancy.


  • Preface
  • 1. Early pregnancy models of care Roy Farquharson and Niek Exalto
  • 2. Risk factors for miscarriage Ruth Bender-Atik, Barbara Hepworth-Jones and Pat Doyle
  • 3. Ectopic pregnancy Emma Kirk and Tom Bourne
  • 4. Ultrasound detection of uterine anomaly Dimitrios Mavrelos and Davor Jurkovic
  • 5. Ultrasound and early pregnancy Nicole Winkler and Anne Kennedy
  • 6. Management of pregnancy loss Willem M. Ankum
  • 7. Investigation of recurring pregnancy loss Feroza Dawood, Mary Stephenson and Roy G. Farquharson
  • 8. Molar pregnancy Jemma Johns and Eric Jauniaux
  • 9. Uterine natural killer cells and reproduction Ai-Wei Tang and Siobhan Quenby
  • 10. Cytogenetic aspects of pregnancy loss Sony Sierra and Mary Stephenson
  • 11. Chromosomal aspects of parental testing Mariette Goddjin and N. J. Leschot
  • 12. Embryoscopy Thomas Philipp
  • 13. Acquired thrombophilia and early pregnancy Lesley Regan
  • 14. Inherited thrombophilia and early pregnancy Saskia Middeldorp
  • 15. Thrombosis, air travel and early pregnancy Gillian Norrie and Mike Greaves
  • 16. Immunotherapy and early pregnancy Ole Christiansen
  • 17. Endometrial receptivity Jose Horcajadas
  • 18. Clinical assessment of the endometrium Kristin Holoch and Bruce Lessey
  • 19. Implantation events Isaac Sasson and Errol Nowitz
  • 20. Recurrent implantation failure Nick Macklon and Carlean Boomsma
  • 21. Trophoblast biology and early pregnancy Peter Stone and Larry Chamley
  • 22. Implantation failure: an embryologist's view Dominique Royere and Etienne Van den Abbeel
  • 23. Embryo reduction after ART Eduard Gratacos
  • 24. Miscarriage after IVF Ruth Lathi and Mary Stephenson
  • 25. Maternal age and health risks with ART Maggie Blott
  • 26. Vanishing twin and long term outcome Anja Pinborg
  • 27. Late pregnancy loss Roy Farquharson
  • Index.

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