Chinese clothing



Chinese clothing

Hua Mei ; [translated from the original Chinese by Yu Hong and Zhang Lei]

(Introductions to Chinese culture)

Cambridge University Press, 2011

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Chinese clothing has undergone continuous transformations throughout history, providing a reflection of the culture in place at any given time. A wealth of archaeological findings coupled with ancient mythology, poetry and songs enable us to see the development of distinctive Chinese fashions through the ages. This illustrated introductory survey takes the reader through traditional Chinese clothing, ornamentation and ceremonial wear, discusses the importance of silk and the diverse costumes of China's ethnic groups before considering modern trends and China's place in the fashion world today.


  • 1. A brief history of ancient garments
  • 2. Clothes and hierarchy in ancient times
  • 3. Silk, the silk road and the art of embroidery
  • 4. Beauty of traditional garments
  • 5. Trends in modern garments
  • Appendix: chronological table of the Chinese dynasties.

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