Managing an age diverse workforce



Managing an age diverse workforce

edited by Emma Parry and Shaun Tyson

Palgrave Macmillan, 2011

  • : hardback

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 261-297) and index



Unique in the multiple approaches that it encompasses, this book includes discussions of both older and younger workers, employer and employee perspectives, generational and age diversity and international comparisons. It includes both conceptual argument and empirical research in order to provide insights into this important area.


  • Introduction
  • E.Parry & S.Tyson PART I: THE IMPORTANCE OF AGE DIVERSITY The Business Case for an Age-diverse Workforce
  • D.Buttigieg Age Discrimination and the Law: Forging the Way Ahead
  • J.Herring PART II: THE NATURE OF AGE AND AGE DIVERSITY Situating Age (in) Equality Within the Paradigm and Practices of Diversity Management
  • K.Riach The Relationship between Gender and Age
  • W.Loretto & S.Vickerstaff The Prism of Age: Managing Age in the 21st Century Workplace
  • M.Pitt-Catsoupes, C.Matz-Costa & M.Brown The Impact of Generational Diversity on People Management
  • E.Parry & P.Urwin PART III: THE EMPLOYEE'S PERSPECTIVE Ageism and Age Discrimination: The Experience and Perceptions of Older Employees
  • F.Carmichael, C.Hulme, L.Porcellato, B.Ingham & A.Prashar The Role of Age in Career Progression: Motivation and Barriers to Fulfilment in Older Employees
  • D.Bown Wilson Younger Academics Expectations about Work and Future Employers
  • W.Mayrhofer, O.Nordhang & C.Obeso PART IV: THE EMPLOYER'S PERSPECTIVE ON MANAGING AN AGE-DIVERSE WORKFORCE Extending Working Life: The Retention of Older Workers
  • V.Beck The Importance of 'teaching old dogs new tricks': Training and Learning Opportunities for Older Workers
  • A.Felstead Health and Well-being in Older Workers: Capacity Change with Age
  • S.Harper PART V: MANAGING AN AGE-DIVERSE WORKFORCE ACROSS NATIONAL CONTEXTS The Impact of National Context on Managing Age Diversity: The Case of the UK and Germany
  • M.Muller-Camen, M.Flynn & H.Schroder Working Longer in National Contexts: Comparing Japan and the United States
  • M.Higo & J.Lee

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