X-ray lasers 2010 : proceedings of the 12th International Conference on X-ray Lasers, 30 May-4 June 2010, Gwangju, Korea


X-ray lasers 2010 : proceedings of the 12th International Conference on X-ray Lasers, 30 May-4 June 2010, Gwangju, Korea

editors, Jongmin Lee, Chang Hee Nam, Karol A. Janulewicz

(Springer proceedings in physics, 136)

Springer, c2011

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This book provides a thorough account of the current status of achievements made in the area of soft X-Ray laser source development and of the increasingly diverse applications being demonstrated using such radiation sources. There is significant effort worldwide to develop very bright, short duration radiation sources in the X-Ray spectral region - driven by the multitude of potential applications in all branches of science. This book contains updates on several different approaches for comparative purposes but concentrates on developments in the area of laser-produced plasmas, whereby transient population inversion and gain between ion states is pumped by optical lasers interacting with pre-formed plasmas. Topics covered will include Laser-driven XRLs, Collisional XRLs, Recombination XRLs, Transient Inversion Collisional XRLs, Optical Field Ionization XRLs, Alternative XRL, pumping schemes Theory and simulations of XRL gain media and beam properties High order harmonic sources of XUV radiation, Free-electron lasers and other accelerator based X-Ray sources, X-Ray Laser drives, X-Ray optics and instrumentation Spectroscopy, and other diagnostics of laser media Applications of XRLs.


Part 1: X-Ray Laser Systems Recent results and future plans for XRLs using the TARANIS laser facility C.L.S. Lewis et al Source development and novel applications of laser-driven plasma x-ray lasers in JAEA T. Kawachi et al Theoretical study of Ni-like Ta XRL driven by One 2? pulse with duration of 100 ps on upgraded ShenguangII facility Z. Guoping, Q. Xiumei, Z. Wudi X-ray laser developments at PHELIX B. Zielbauer et al LASERIX : an open facility for developments of EUV and soft X-ray lasers and applications D. Ros et al Using the X-FEL as a source to investigate photo-pumped X-ray lasers J. Nilsen and H. A. Scott Part 2: Repetitive X-Ray Lasers Demonstration of an all-diode-pumped soft X-ray laser and other advances in table-top soft X-ray lasers J. J. Rocca et al Saturated XUV lasing down to 8.85 nm using the grazing-incidence scheme J.E. Balmer, C. Imesch, and F. Staub Double-pulse single-beam grazing-incidence pumping (DGRIP) D. Zimmer et al Development and application of plasma-waveguide based soft x-ray lasers Jiunn-Yuan. Lin et al Development of silver tape target system for high repetition X-ray laser Masaharu Nishikino et al Part 3: X-Ray Laser Amplifiers - Seeding Temporal coherence and spectral width of seeded and ASE XUV lasersA. Klisnick et al Wave perspective on high harmonics amplification in a high-gain medium with level degeneracy C. M. Kim, K. A. Janulewicz, and J. Lee Laser driven parametric amplification in the xuv and soft-x-ray spectral range J. Seres et al Characterization of a seeded optical-field ionized collisional soft x-ray laser S. Sebban et al Optimization of soft x-ray amplifiers by tailoring plasma hydrodynamics E. Oliva et al Measurement of the temporal coherence of a seeded GRIP transient Mo soft X-ray laser L.M. Meng et al Part 4: Sources Based on Relativistic Interaction Extreme field limits in the ultra-relativistic interaction of electromagnetic waves with plasmas S. V. Bulanov et al Generation of coherent X-ray radiation with relativistic nonlinear processes Y. Kato et al Part 5: High-harmonics Generation of ultrashort attosecond high-harmonic pulses from chirp-compensated Ne harmonics Dong Hyuk Ko et al An intense kHz and aberration-free two-color high harmonic source for seeding FEL and XRL G. Lambert et al Tuning of high-order harmonics for soft x-ray laser seeding Boris Ecker et al Generation of small band width coherent extreme ultraviolet radiation and its application L.V. Dao, S. Teichmann, K.B. Dinh, and P. Hannaford Highly directive high harmonic generation from solid target plasma for biomedical and medicine applicationsH. Kuroda et al High harmonic generation by using laser-ablation two-compounds target scheme M. Suzuki, M. Baba, R. A. Ganeev, and H. Kuroda Part 6: Incoherent Short-Wavelength Sources EUV-induced surface modification of polymers A. Bartnik et al Study on fundamental processes of laser welded metals observed with intense x-ray beams T. Muramatsu et al XUV radiation emitted by capillary pinching discharge M. Vrbova et al EUV radiation of pulse high-current proximity-wall-stabilized discharges K. Kolacek et al Part 7: X-Ray Laser Applications Probing high energy density plasmas with EUV and X-ray lasers G J Tallents et al Measuring the electron density gradients of dense plasmas by X-ray laser deflectometry J. Nejdl, M. Kozlova, T. Mocek, and B. Rus Laser-matter interaction studies using X-ray laser and double Lloyd's mirror interferometer M. Kozlova et al Application of laser plasma x-ray beam in radiation biology Masaharu Nishikino et al Energy spectra of photo- and Auger electrons generated by a soft x ray laser and Xe cluster interaction S. Namba et al Observation of phase transition dynamics in BaTiO3 by X-ray laser speckle technique K. Namikawa et al Single-shot nanometer-scale Fourier transform hologram using Ni-like Ag X-ray Laser H. T. Kim et al Theory and computations towards coherent reflection imaging of tilted objects I. A. Artyukov et al Highly efficient soft X-ray microscope using PMMA phase-reversal zone plate Kyoung Hwan Lee et al Single-photon ionization soft-X-ray laser mass spectrometry of potential hydrogen storage materials F. Dong , E.R. Bernstein and J.J. Rocca Development of the x-ray interferometer and the method of spatial and temporal synchronization of XRL and optical pulse N. Hasegawa et al

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