Geographical typology and linguistic areas : with special reference to Africa


Geographical typology and linguistic areas : with special reference to Africa

edited by Osamu Hieda, Christa König, Hiroshi Nakagawa

(Tokyo University of Foreign Studies (TUFS) studies in linguistics, v. 2)

John Benjamins, c2011

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Includes bibliographical references and indexes



Is Africa a linguistic area (Heine & Leyew 2008)? The present volume consists of sixteen papers highlighting the linguistic geography of Africa, covering, in particular, southern Africa with its Khoisan languages. A wide range of phenomena are discussed to give an overview of the pattern of social, cultural, and linguistic interaction that characterizes Africa's linguistic geography. Most contributors to the volume discuss language contact and areal diffusion in Africa, although some demonstrate, with examples from non-African linguistic data, including Amazonian and European languages, how language contact may lead to structural convergence. Others investigate contact phenomena in social-cultural behavior. The volume makes a large contribution toward bringing generalized theory to data-oriented discussions. It is intended to stimulate further research on contact phenomena in Africa. For sale in all countries except Japan. For customers in Japan: please contact Yushodo Co.


  • 1. Message from the President (by Kameyama, Ikuo)
  • 2. Center for Corpus-based Linguistics and Language Education (by Minegishi, Makoto)
  • 3. Introduction (by Konig, Christa)
  • 4. Section 1
  • 5. Areal Features and Linguistic Areas: Contact-induced Change and Geographical Typology (by Aikhenvald, Alexandra Y.)
  • 6. Areas of Grammaticalization and Geographical Typology (by Heine, Bernd)
  • 7. Case Marking and Linguistic Geography (by Konig, Christa)
  • 8. Can Ethiopian Languages be Considered Languages in the African Linguistic Area? The Case of Highland East Cushitic, particularly Sidaama and Kambaata (by Kawachi, Kazuhiro)
  • 9. Proto-Bantu and Proto-Niger-Congo: Macro-areal Typology and Linguistic Reconstruction (by Guldemann, Tom)
  • 10. Section 2
  • 11. Explaining Convergence and the Formation of Linguistic Areas (by Matras, Yaron)
  • 12. Is Kumam a Creole Language? A Mechanism of Linguistic Convergence in the Southern Lwo Area (by Hieda, Osamu)
  • 13. The Continuum of Languages in West Tanzania Bantu: A Case Study of Gongwe, Bende, and Pimbwe (by Abe, Yuko)
  • 14. Patterns of Linguistic Convergence in the Khoe-speaking Area of Southern Africa (by Vossen, Rainer)
  • 15. Tense and Aspect in Khoesan: The case of Ju/'hoansi (by Gabanamotse-Mogara, Budzani)
  • 16. Section 3
  • 17. Ritual Pathways: Contact in a Framework of Difference, Imitation and Alterity (by Storch, Anne)
  • 18. The Eastern Kalahari Khoe: A Focus on Inter-Khoisan Ethno-language Dynamics around the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans of Botswana (by Chebanne, Andy)
  • 19. Language Contact and Social Change in North-central Namibia: Socialization via Singing and Dancing Activities among the !Xun San (by Takada, Akira)
  • 20. Two Types of Kinship Classifi cation Found among the Khoe Languages - Relative and Absolute Calculations in Determining the Seniority among Classifi catory Siblings (by Ono, Hitomi)
  • 21. A First Report on G|ui Ideophones (by Nakagawa, Hiroshi)
  • 22. Section 4
  • 23. Noun-Modifi er Order in Africa (by Dryer, Matthew S.)
  • 24. Index of Authors
  • 25. Index of Languages, Language Families and Areas
  • 26. Index of Subjects
  • 27. Contributors

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