The evolution of the human mind : from supernaturalism to naturalism : an anthropological perspective


The evolution of the human mind : from supernaturalism to naturalism : an anthropological perspective

Robert L. Carneiro

E. Werner, c2010

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 425-458) and index



For ages the events of human experience were explained by recourse to supernatural agents and forces. Given the rudimentary intellectual tools then available to the human race, no better explanations were possible. Over the ensuing centuries, the ideas and methods of empirical science came into being and were applied to all aspects of human experience. Conceptions of life, the world, the universe, and even of God were modified, with naturalistic interpretations challenging and supplanting supernaturalistic ones. Today the viewpoint of science is gaining ever-greater acceptance. In his eloquent new book, The Evolution of the Human Mind, Robert Carneiro traces the history of this development-from the Paleolithic to the present-vividly describing the major events that have marked this great transition in human thought.


Chapter 1. The Emergence of the Supernatural Chapter 2. The Spirit World Elaborates Chapter 3. Origin Myths: Accounting for Things as They Are Chapter 4. The Life of the Soul After Death Chapter 5. The Later History of Soul Beliefs Chapter 6. The Birth and Evolution of the Gods Chapter 7. The Rise of Scientific Thinking Chapter 8 The Impact of the Physical Sciences Chapter 9. The Attenuation of the Concept of God Chapter 10. The Rise and Demise of Idealist Philosophy Chapter 11. The Expansion of Naturalism Chapter 12. The Coming of Evolution Chapter 13. The Impact of Evolution Chapter 14. The Religious Views of Charles Darwin Chapter 15. The Twin Specters of Atheism and Materialism Chapter 16. Vitalism versus Mechanism in the Interpretation of Life Chapter 17. Accounting for the Origin of Life Chapter 18. Evolution and Emergence Chapter 19. The Diminishing Role of God in History Chapter 20. Free Will versus Determinism Chapter 21. The Doctrine of the Two Magesteria Chapter 22. The Scientists Speak Up: The Theists Chapter 23. The Scientists Speak Up: The Non-Theists Chapter 24. Trends in Belief to the End of the Nineteenth Century Chapter 25. Secularism and Religion Continue to Compete Chapter 26. Current Status and Future Prospects References Index

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