The irrepressible Churchill : Winston's world, wars & wit


The irrepressible Churchill : Winston's world, wars & wit

selected and compiled with historical commentary by Kay Halle

Conway, 2010

  • : hbk

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Previous ed.: London: Robson, 1985

Includes bibliographical references and index



Undoubtedly one of the great orators of the twentieth century, Sir Winston Churchill is an iconic figure and Britain's most famous statesman. This new edition of a classic work records his remarkable military and political career and his extraordinary life both private and public, mainly in his own words, providing an invaluable record of Sir Winston's thoughts, opinions, wit and wisdom. This includes the little-known aside that perhaps best sums up his indefatigable character and wry sense of humour, which followed his rallying speech after the evacuation of the BEF at Dunkirk: 'We will fight them with the butt end of broken bottles because that's bloody well all we've got!'

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