An educational leader's guide to curriculum mapping : creating and sustaining collaborative cultures


    • Hale, Janet A
    • Dunlap, Richard F


An educational leader's guide to curriculum mapping : creating and sustaining collaborative cultures

Janet A. Hale, Richard F. Dunlap, Jr. ; foreword by Heidi Hayes Jacobs

Corwin, c2010

  • : pbk

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 171-174) and index



Curriculum mapping initiatives are started with the essential goal of improving student achievement, yet the mapping process can be challenging to navigate or lead. While the main work of curriculum mapping is conducted by classroom teachers, administrators must be actively involved, and they must also take into account the demands curriculum mapping places on teachers. This book provides administrators with the foundational understandings and specific guidance and strategies to effectively support a curriculum mapping initiative in their schools and districts. The authors discuss administrative leadership for curriculum mapping, including the roles and responsibilities of various administrative positions, such as the superintendent, headteacher, and curriculum director, and provide protocols and procedures for writing administrative maps. A Leader's Guide to Curriculum Mapping offers concrete information and suggestions for moving a curriculum mapping initiative forward in a positive manner and ultimately ensuring that curriculum mapping is not only sustained, but is embedded in the cultural consciousness and becomes the natural way of conducting professional curriculum work throughout a learning organization. The book: - Includes brief but necessary coverage of theory and foundational concept - Focuses on administrative leadership with curriculum design in mind and administrative support for systemic change - Provides administrators with guidance, protocols, and step-by-step directions for the stages of a curriculum mapping initiative - Offers practical applications, realistic expectations, and real-life examples - Addresses significant concerns such as time and resources necessary for sustainability.


List of Figures Foreword by Heidi Hayes Jacobs Preface Acknowledgments About the Authors 1. What Shifts in Thinking Are Imperative for Collaborative Curriculum Mapping? Collaborative Curriculum Design Conclusion Review Questions 2. What Are Critical Considerations for Curriculum Mapping Leadership? Defining Leadership Administrative Leadership Considerations Establishing Vision, Mission, and Action Plans Conclusion Review Questions 3. What Should District Administrators Consider to Support Teacher Leadership? District Administrator Positions Districtwide Administrative Support Conclusion Review Questions 4. What Should Curriculum Directors Consider to Support Teacher Leadership? Curriculum Positions Curriculum Considerations Teachers as Learners Conclusion Review Questions 5. What Should Principals Consider to Support Teacher Leadership? Building Trust and Teacher Leadership Curriculum Responsibilities Not Just Making Maps - Using Maps Conclusion Review Questions 6. What Do Professional Development Administrative Maps Look Like? Professional Development Maps: Quality Map Writing Professional Development Map Month Samples Conclusion Review Questions 7. What Do Professional Roles Administrative Maps Look Like? Writing Professional Roles Administrative Maps Conclusion Review Questions Appendix A: What Are Considerations for Developing Systemic Unit Names? Appendix B: Officer Foundations of the United States Marine Corps: Leadership Traits and Leadership Principles References Index

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