Astronomy : the solar system and beyond


Astronomy : the solar system and beyond

Michael A. Seeds, Dana E. Backman

, c2010

6th ed., International ed

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"This edition is intend for use outside of the U.S. only, with content that may be different from the U.S. edition"--Back cover

Includes index



With their best-selling astronomy textbook, ASTRONOMY: THE SOLAR SYSTEM AND BEYOND, 6e, International Edition authors Mike Seeds and Dana Backman help you understand your place in the universe-not just your location in space, but your role in the unfolding history of the physical universe. To achieve this goal, the authors focus on two central questions: What Are We?, which highlights your place as a planet dweller in an evolving universe, guiding you to better understand where we came from and how we formed, and How Do We Know?, which provides insights into how the process of science can teach us more about what we are. Virtual Astronomy Labs, an online, interactive way for you to explore astronomy from your own computer is available for bundling with each new text.


Part I: THE SKY. 1. Here and Now. 2. The Sky. 3. Cycles of the Sky. 4. The Origin of Modern Astronomy. 5. Light and Telescopes. 6. Atoms and Starlight. Part II: THE SOLAR SYSTEM. 7. The Solar System: An Overview. 8. Terrestrial Planets. 9. Jovian Planets, Pluto, and the Kuiper Belt. 10. Meteorites, Asteroids, and Comets. 11. The Sun. Part III: THE STARS. 12. The Family of Stars. 13. The Formation and Structure of Stars. 14. The Deaths of Stars. 15. Neutron Stars and Black Holes. Part IV: THE UNIVERSE OF GALAXIES. 16. The Milky Way Galaxy. 17. Galaxies. 18. Active Galaxies and Supermassive Black Holes. 19. Modern Cosmology. Part V: LIFE. 20. Life on Other Worlds.

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