The culture of the publisher's series


The culture of the publisher's series

edited, and with an introduction by John Spiers

Palgrave Macmillan, 2011

  • v. 1 : hardback
  • v. 2 : hardback

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Includes bibliographical references and indexes


  • v. 1. Authors, publishers and the shaping of taste
  • v. 2. Nationalisms and the national canon



v. 1 : hardback ISBN 9780230284029


This volume focuses on the publisher's series as a cultural formation - a material artefact and component of cultural hierarchies. Contributors engage with archival research, cultural theory, literary and bibliometric analysis (amongst a range of other approaches) to contextualize the publisher's series in terms of its cultural and economic work.


  • List of Illustrations Acknowledgements Notes on Contributors Introduction: Wondering about 'the Causes of Causes'. The Publisher's Series, its Cultural Work and Meanings PART I: The Methodologies of Series and the Limits of Knowledge
  • J.Spiers Market Forces and Modernization in the French Book Trade in the Last Century of the 'Ancien Regime' and in the early 20th Century: Some Reflections on the Emergence of the Publisher's Series
  • W.Kirsop The Invention of the Book Series in France, 1850-1950
  • I.Olivero Canonicity, Reprint Publishing, and Copyright
  • G.B.Neavill 'To undertake such works as they find to be wanted': The Early Years of the Clarendon Press Series
  • S.Eliot Personality, Appreciation and Literary Education: Harrap's 'Poetry and Life' Series, 1911-1930
  • P.Buckridge Excavating original African-American 'pulp fiction': W. W. Norton's 'Old School Books' Series
  • C.Cottenet Thomas Nelson's and John Buchan: Mutual Marketing in the Publisher's Series
  • K.Macdonald The Series as Commodity: Marketing T. Fisher Unwin's 'Pseudonym' and 'Autonym' Libraries
  • F.Nesta Sifting out 'Rubbish' in the Literature of the 1920s: Chatto and Windus and the 'Phoenix Library'
  • A.Nash A Modern Library for Modern Times. Behind the Scenes at the Albatross Press
  • M.K.Troy Sound Information and Innocent Amusement: John Murray's Books on the Move
  • B.Schaff Index

v. 2 : hardback ISBN 9780230284036


This volume explores problems concerning the series, national development and the national canon in a range of countries and their international book-trade relationships. Studies focus on issues such as the fabrication of a national canon, and on the book in war-time, the evolution of Catholic literature, imperial traditions and colonial libraries.


  • List of Illustrations Acknowledgements Notes on Contributors Introduction. Wondering about 'the Causes of Causes'. The Publisher's Series, its Cultural Work and Meanings PART II: The Series, the Academy, and the World
  • J.Spiers The American Publisher's Series Goes to War, 1942-1946, J.B.Hench The Spanish Collections of Herder Verlag: International Catholic Literature
  • A.C.Viro Adamantios Korais' The Greek Library (1805-1827): An Ingenious Publisher and The Making of a Nation
  • N.Yakovaki Fabricating a National Canon: The Role of Richard Bentley and George Robertson in Developing and Marketing the Australian Library
  • A.Rukavina Series for Women in 19th Century Netherlandsl
  • L.Kuitert Leonard Bast's Library: Aspiration, Emulation and the Imperial National Tradition
  • R.Fraser Negotiating the List: Launching Macmillan's Colonial Library and Author Contracts
  • S.Towheed Household Words: An Account of the 'Bengal Family Library'
  • A.Gupta Great Books by the Millions: J. M. Dent's 'Everyman Library'
  • T.I.Seymour 'The Green and the Gold': Publisher's Series in 19th-century Ireland
  • E.Tilley One Series After Another: The Macmillan Company of Canada
  • R.Panofsky Index

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