Islamic asset management : an asset class on its own?


    • Schoon, Natalie


Islamic asset management : an asset class on its own?

Natalie Schoon

(Edinburgh guides to Islamic finance / series editor, Rodney Wilson)

Edinburgh University Press, c2011

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 209-212) and index



Islamic asset management has been growing at a similar rate as the Islamic financial industry as a whole and at the time of writing close to 700 funds are incorporated in the major databases with an estimated funds under management of around $70 billion. This book reviews the Islamic asset management industry in detail, including the types of funds offered and their operational procedures. It shows that although there are differences between conventional and Islamic asset management, these do not appear to have a significant impact on how the funds perform. Sharia'a compliant funds are therefore an attractive alternative for Muslim and non-Muslim investors alike. Key Features Contains valuable information on Shari'ah compliant fund structures and the type of instruments that can be invested in Considers practical implementation matters such as operational issues, available indices and the role of the Shari'ah Supervisory Board Includes case studies of the funds available to investors including the BLME $ Income Fund, SWIP Islamic Global Equity Fund, the Saudi Al Rajhi Fund Range and the Malaysian blue chip i-VCAP-MyETF-DJIM25 Features a glossary of abbreviations and key Arabic terms Relevant to investors and practitioners in the industry, and to non-Muslims interested in investing based on the same set of principles, norms and values


Acknowledgments List of Figures List of Boxes List of Tables Introduction 1. Characteristics of Islamic Finance 2. Contracts and Structures for Islamic Asset Management 3. The Islamic Asset Management Market Place 4. Fund Operations 5. Processing 6. Sharia'a Supervisory Board 7. Case Studies 8. Summary and Concluding Remarks Glossary Bibliography Index

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