The Red Sox and philosophy : Green Monster meditations


    • Macomber, Michael


The Red Sox and philosophy : Green Monster meditations

edited by Michael Macomber

(Popular culture and philosophy / series editor, William Irwin, v. 48)

Open Court, 2010

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This volume in the Popular Culture and Philosophy series delves into the tragic and redemptive history of the Boston Red Sox baseball franchise. Drawing on philosophers from Aristotle to Sartre, chapters range from issues of faith and spirituality to tragedy, irony, existentialism, Sabermetrics, and the infamous "curse of the Bambino." With an emphasis on "Red Sox Nation" -- the community of Red Sox fans across the globe -- the book connects important philosophical ideas with one of the most storied teams in the history of Major League Baseball. The chapters make complex philosophical arguments easy to understand while providing an insider's knowledge of the hometown team. All but one of the authors in this volume are all Red Sox fans who comment on their team philosophically. There's even a Yankee fan's perspective! With a foreword by Dick Bresciani, vice president and official historian of the Boston Red Sox, this book provides a unique philosophical experience for the die-hard Red Sox fan.


Contents Foreword by Dick Bresciani 1. Are the Red Sox the Greatest Conceivable Baseball Team? Joseph Ulatowski 2. Confessions of a Yankee Fan Matthew Konig 3. Breaking the Mold: From Ruth to Ramirez Weaver Santaniello 4. Red Sox and the Philosophy of Bill James: Quine and Sabermetrics Jonah Goldwater 5. What Really Offends Fans about Red Sox Ticket Resellers Stephen Mathis 6. One with the Team: Why Being a Member of Red Sox Nation Moves us Toward a Confucian Self-Concept Chelsea Harry 7. Wicked Faithful Bahston Believahs Patrick Tiernan 8. On The Genealogy of a Rivalry: Nietzsche on Why the Nation is Good and the Empire is Evil Nolen Gertz 9. "It Gets Through Buckner!": Forgiveness, Virtue and the Red Sox Nation Rory Kraft 10. The True Red Sox Fan Corey McCall 11. The Dao of Ted Williams Jung Lee 12. Abrahams in the Bleachers: Why Red Sox fans are Moral Heroes Orla Richardson and Karolina Lewestam 13. Grady Little, the Impartial Spectator and My Short Fuse John McHugh 14. Billy Buck Had No Moral Luck Bryan Pilington 15. Supererogation in Kant and Jon Lester's No Hitter Kevin Maguire 16. Blursed: An Assessment of the Curse of the Bambino Erin Flynn 17. Yaz and Philosophy Randall E. Auxier 18. Why Are They Our Red Sox? Sander Lee 19. Tragedy and Fisk: How the Red Sox Reveal the Deeper Meaning of Being and Time or Only an Ortiz can Save Us James Pontuso 20. What We Talk about When We Talk about Lowe Fred Ablondi 21. Thou Shalt Steal: How the 2004 Boston Red Sox Reconciled Faith and Reason to Reverse the Curse and Win the World Series Joel Cade 22. The Art of Losing David Roochnik 23. Red Sox Good, Yankees Evil Bill Puka 24. Sacred Sox Marcus Giamatti 25. Pink Hats and Feminism Stephanie St. Martin 26. The Legacy of Retired Numbers Michael Macomber 27. The Romance of Fenway Park Randall E. Auxier 28. Red Sox as Primitive Mystics Peter Kreeft

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