Global sustainability as a business imperative


Global sustainability as a business imperative

edited by James A.F. Stoner and Charles Wankel

(The Palgrave series on global sustainability)

Palgrave Macmillan, 2010


Global sustainability through business

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This first volume in the series addresses the pressing need to align business practices with the requirements of a sustainable world. Delivering new models for conducting business, implications of undertaking new approaches, and ways businesses are transforming and being transformed by their environments.


PART I: NEW MODELS How Business, Resources, and People Fit Together in a Sustainability Model Business Logic for Sustainability Sustainability as a Business Model Investing in Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Business Ventures in the Developing World: Key Lessons and Experiences of the EcoEnterprises Fund PART II: ACTION IMPLICATIONS: MOTIVATING AND INFLUENCING BUSINESS Integrating Sustainability Contents into Business Curricula and Understanding How to Do It The Contribution of Interdisciplinary Skills to the Sustainability of Business Public Disclosure of Firms' Environmental Performance: Effects and Consequences The Influence of Corporate Governance on an Effective Approach to Deal with Climate Change Taxes and Sustainability PART III: BUSINESS TRANSFORMATIONS OF AND BY ITS ENVIRONMENT Advanced Energy Efficiency and Alternative Supplies for Profitable Climate Protection From Carbon to Carbohydrates: Toward Sustainability in the Plastics Industry Humanizing Sustainability: The Concept of Fair Value Chain Creation FVC2 Sustainable Development in Latin America: In the Dumps? Dynamics, Trends, and Developments in the Wine Industry Participation of Agribusiness Stakeholders in Global Environmental Questions The New Trends of Sustainable Consumption: Farmers' Market as a Tool to Re-educate Consumers PART IV: CONCLUSION New Directions to New Futures from the Nebulous Present

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